It’s been a while

Visita Iglesia in the Old Churches of Laguna

The Holy Week is a season of repentance and of meditation on Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. For Christians, it is during this time that we reflect upon our sins and how our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died for us all, how great His love for us indeed.

Visita Iglesia is a yearly tradition during the Holy Week where Catholics visit at least 7 churches to meditate on the 14 stations of the cross. A week ago, for this year’s Holy Week, our family chose to have our Visita Iglesia in the province of Laguna, a home of beautiful old churches.

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Tell the World of His Love


The crowd yesterday morning as we all wait for the Pope to pass from the Arch of the Centuries.

I wasn’t able to get a photo or video of His Holiness as I preferred to have that glimpse of him without a device in my hand. And truly, like what others have told, that momentary sight of him was a one of a kind experience. Seeing him waving his hand, looking at us with eyes that seem to want to converse, greeting us with a smile that seems to not know hot to get tired, lifted in me such a very blessed feeling.

And his message for the youth as well as his homily during the Holy Mass in Luneta gave us the caring and wise words that we all needed. May his words fill our minds and hearts everyday and guide us in our decisions.

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The Fight has Ended and it was a Good Fight

I had been resting in my room for a couple of hours, the lights were off, with total silence as my company. Migraine was eating my brain it felt like my skull was being torn open.

All of a sudden the door burst open with my brother standing by the door. He turned the lights on and kept calling my name to wake me up. I greeted him with a grumpy face, took a pillow on my side and covered my face to go back to sleep.

The light was killing my head.

But a statement from my brother made me forget the migraine.

“Ate tawag ka sa baba, punta ka kila Nanay, puntahan mo raw si Tsong Juan. Wala na kasi siya” he said.

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Love and Happiness

Before 2014 ended, I was able to witness a merry gathering where two souls pledged to love each other forever and always.


The bride’s mother invited my friend and I to this wedding. The bride and groom are only acquaintances to us but it was so dear to see the two in this lovely event.


The wedding was held in the Transfiguration Chapel in Calaruega, Batangas, a lovely place close to mother nature. I remember in my sociology class in college when we were asked to plan our own wedding day, this is the place I chose to have my own. The chapel is small and beautiful, perfect for an intimate gathering.

The day may be gloomy but the smiles and laughter from everyone did not make the day feel gloomy at all. There’s something about weddings that make me feel fuzzy inside and I love that feeling. It was such a good day.

I started and ended my year with weddings and I actually find it amusing that despite my year bearing quite a few hurts and pain, they were sandwiched by two happy gatherings. This strangely gives me quite a hopeful perspective in many things.

I look forward to the days ahead and I will try my best to fill every day with lots of love. After all, to love is to be vulnerable and according to Van Gogh, there is nothing more truly artistic than to love. Weddings are indeed inspiration to positive outlooks on life. 🙂