New Chapter

I have always wanted to know how it feels like to live by yourself, independently, with a job and with a place of your own.

Seeing myself now, I just couldn’t believe how time flew its way to my dreams, or at least to some pieces of it.

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Praying the Art of Small Things

For quite some time now, I am preoccupied by anxiety, sometimes because of huge changes in my life at this time, but more often only because of the smallest, pettiest of things. This is only because if there is so much in my hands right now, it would be time. And as I try my best to be productive with it, anxiety’s catching up every second.

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It’s been a while

What is it with October that lets me feel like I’m in a middle of a street so familiar and so foreign at the same time? It feels like I’ve entered these streets I feel strongly comfortable with and then just with a lamp post flickering and then fading, it’s suddenly not. And like an incredibly senseless person basing on emotional state, I am having these feelings so intensely I could only do nothing, literally. I did nothing more than walk the street with somewhere to go in mind but with the flickering unsure lamp, my heart’s disturbed. And nothing is happening. I just can’t do anything with nothing.

Why is it so that when I go deep, it can either be intense joy or intense sadness? And with either one, it becomes just like a huge wave crashing over you and it’s okay if it’s joy but it’s terrifying when it’s the other. And you can’t find any hand reaching out for you.

Visita Iglesia in the Old Churches of Laguna

The Holy Week is a season of repentance and of meditation on Christ’s passion, death, and resurrection. For Christians, it is during this time that we reflect upon our sins and how our Lord Jesus Christ suffered and died for us all, how great His love for us indeed.

Visita Iglesia is a yearly tradition during the Holy Week where Catholics visit at least 7 churches to meditate on the 14 stations of the cross. A week ago, for this year’s Holy Week, our family chose to have our Visita Iglesia in the province of Laguna, a home of beautiful old churches.

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Tell the World of His Love


The crowd yesterday morning as we all wait for the Pope to pass from the Arch of the Centuries.

I wasn’t able to get a photo or video of His Holiness as I preferred to have that glimpse of him without a device in my hand. And truly, like what others have told, that momentary sight of him was a one of a kind experience. Seeing him waving his hand, looking at us with eyes that seem to want to converse, greeting us with a smile that seems to not know hot to get tired, lifted in me such a very blessed feeling.

And his message for the youth as well as his homily during the Holy Mass in Luneta gave us the caring and wise words that we all needed. May his words fill our minds and hearts everyday and guide us in our decisions.

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