Singapura Favorites

I believe many would agree that Singapore is a young and vibrant city. A few months ago, I was lucky enough to witness what this city offers.


With Jen and my Mommy Baby, I flew to Singapore for a 5 days trip. My aunt/friend Lette works and lives in Singapore with her husband and we stayed with them while we were there, which helped us save heaps. Their place is only a 3 minute-walk away from the MRT station and I was also thankful for that. I also have a cousin living there who gave us one day of tour of the city. 🙂

There is so much to see in Singapore and we tried our best to go to all the places we can with the time, energy, and money we had. Of all the places we’ve been, here are my 5 favorites:

5. National Museum of Singapore

Complementing the grand-looking facade it shows outsiders, inside this museum is a wonderland, a circus for all senses.


4. Singapore Zoo

We took a couple of transfers between trains and buses to get to the Singapore Zoo. That trip made me realize how easy and accessible public transportation in Singapore is, even in far places.


What I like about the zoo is that the animals weren’t confined in a cage, and instead a man-made version of their natural habitat were made so they can freely roam.

3. Haji Lane

It was just a street. A street so busy with colors and art and quirky stores that a simple walk lasted for hours.



2. Marina Bay Sands

By day, the Cloud Forest enchanted me and by night, everything else did.

1. Universal Studios

Universal Studios definitely made a mark on me. The rides here, particularly Transformers and Revenge of the Mummy, were 5-minute rides which brought me thrill that will last in my memory for the rest of my life. It does sound a bit shallow but it’s not everyday that you get that kind of thrill and heart-seems-to-fall-out-of-chest experience.



Depends on how you make of it, a trip to IKEA could be really awesome and unforgettable too 🙂

Most of Singapore’s attractions may be man-made but these places knew how to deliver fun to its visitors. The city’s colorful lights at night and endless activities during the day fed me with a kind of enjoyment I wanted my loved ones to feel too. I have to admit I got really tired at the end of each day spent around the city but I have no regrets.


Thank you Singapore!


2 thoughts on “Singapura Favorites

    • Hello! I know, took me a couple of months before getting back into writing again. I’m happy to be back 🙂 And I’m glad nagustuhan mo and entry ko 🙂


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