Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove

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As if we haven’t got tired of boat rides, we did not pass up the chance to see the islets of Bucas Grande and the wonders of Sohoton Cove. We entered caves, played with sting-less jellyfishes, jumped 15-ft high onto the waters, and ate lunch with a beautiful view. It cost us heaps but it was fantastic.

That day, we came from Siargao. We rode the 7am boat to Socorro where we met our boatmen. From 8am, we traveled the waters of Bucas Grande.

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It was a beautiful place but it didn’t strike me as much as I expect myself to. It may be because of all the island hopping we did, or the somewhat gloomy weather, or other external factors such as how expensive this was hehe 🙂

At any rate, I got to see as much as we want to. The deep color of green in waters and in the islands were relaxing to the eyes and it made me feel the certain closeness to nature that I longed for.

Our boatmen took us to Bucas Grande’s different islands. We were able to see Club Tara, the Cinnamon Island, Kanlunes Island resort, went inside the Crystal Cave and Bolitas cave, and dropped by Tiktikan island where we took some rest beside the lake.

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Tiktikan Island
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Tiktikan Lake

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Entering Bolitas Cave

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Our last stop in the Bucas Grande Tour is the Sohoton Cove. It was amazing what I experienced in Sohoton. We had to get off our boat and ride another one, a smaller one which took us to the different spots in Sohoton Bay. Our first stop was the lake of stingless jellyfishes.

It’s sad that we were not allowed to swim with the jellyfishes at that time. I don’t know but when I think of our trip, I somehow regretted how we could have made this much better and have the most amazing time by bringing an underwater camera and begged for our boatmen to let us swim with the jellyfishes hehe 🙂 But anyway, it was still amazing and we had fun the best way we can. 🙂

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We also got to see an underwater cave, which I find cool. And then we went to another cave where we had to do a little rock climbing and instead of coming back to the boat we had to jump from a point 15 ft high! It wasn’t that high but it was my first real jump! I feel happy because of having to do that and after I did it I wanted to do more.

I really loved the feeling after that jump. 🙂 Jen didn’t have any problem with it and jumped immediately at the count of three. I’m excited to do the exact same thing the next opportunity to jump comes. 🙂

We ate our lunch late and returned to the island to rest.

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Lunch at Sohoton Grande

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It was a happy day. From Bucas Grande, we returned to Hayanggabon Port, took a van to Surigao, got off at Bad-As Junction and took another van to Butuan to catch our flight back to Manila.

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