Of Waves, Rivers, Falls, and Caves: Surigao and Siargao

Rarely does a time come when everything was laid out in front of you smoothly. Not perfect, but smooth. Apart from amazing, that’s how I would describe my recent DIY trip to Surigao with Jen. And so far, it was one of the best ones I’ve had.

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It was careless of us to still go despite the 6.7 earthquake that occurred in Surigao the night before our flight. It was way more careless of us to sleep through the night and wake up one hour before our flight. One hour. What’s wrong with us?

It’s always funny when I remember it. We brushed our teeth, booked an Uber, and in the next few minutes we found ourselves running in the airport to board the plane. By the time we sat on our seats in the plane just an hour after we woke up, all we could say was “Andito na tayo? Kakagising lang natin ah” Times like this only makes me feel like we are tenderly loved by every particle of the universe. Kudos to our Uber driver who drove 80 kph that we barely even felt in his driving. Isa syang anghel!

During this 5-day trip, the only plan we had is to go and see these places: Tinuy-An Falls, Enchanted River, Siargao, Bucas Grande, and Sohoton Cove.

Game on!

Surigao Series:

When in Surigao: Tinuy-An Falls
When in Surigao: Enchanted River
When in Surigao: Siargao Island
When in Surigao: Bucas Grande and Sohoton Cove



On our last day, we spent the few hours of waiting for our flight by visiting Butuan’s museums.

This whole 5 days of my Surigao trip brought me many good memories. Surigao is a very beautiful place and I hope the earthquake would not cause more harm to the land and to the people than what it already had.

This whole country is amazing and I could do nothing but be thankful for being born in a beautiful country.


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