The Huge Leap

It’s almost a month since I last arrived here in Australia for my study program. So far, it’s been going pretty well.

the little peaceful town of Myrtleford


I live in a shared house with other professionals taking the same study course. I like my company here, the people I share the house with are good and funny. I like our house, which is a 10-minute walk from the town center. I like my huge room, which I share with another student. I like how our room has this huge window where I can see the backyard and all the green in there. I like how far I should walk to the school or to the hospital, it’s a bit of an exercise which my body needs a lot. I also like going to the store to buy groceries and cook for myself, and sometimes, for others too. I love how I can jog around town in a cloudy summer afternoon. I love all these little things and I am more than grateful for experiencing everything at this time in my life.

The younger me would be a hundred times happier, probably, for everything, as I am actually living the dream of the younger me, being in another country, alone, and living in a nice house with a nice room in a nice environment.

Being an adult now, there are more things in my head that I need to do rather than looking up at the sky and the trees, running around, chasing butterflies, or picking flowers (which the younger me would somehow probably do).

There are actually papers to do, modules to complete, house chores to finish, meals to cook, fats to burn, and while doing those things you plan your tasks for tomorrow, or for the day after, or for the week, and while doing so you’re also missing loads of things like the vibes of the city, where there are much more people, missing your fun friends, your boyfriend, missing going out, watching movie, etc. “Adulting”, they said, perhaps, is what I am doing.

They said I, with the other students, made a huge leap. For this was something out of our comfort zone, something new, and something that will bring great amount of stress. They said we were brave for doing this. It did indeed, brought great amount of stress to me, in the beginning, when the school had given us so much work to do. But after finishing all the school work, the days became so much lighter.

Sometimes (like for example today, at this moment of writing 🙂 ), I stop and marvel at the reality of all these things. The sacrifices, seemed to me, are very little, and not so difficult to do (compared to the heavy burdens of the world). And I simply thank God for this, and thank my family, who is the main reason why I am here. I know that ahead of me, there will be bigger sacrifices I had to make, more responsibilities and huge efforts to exert for more important things.

Taking the leap may be a big decision. But if you don’t go now, you won’t go. If you don’t go now, you won’t find out. You will never be ready for something until you take a step forward to it.

For all these, I pray to God to give me more strength and clarity of mind, to put everything at heart and never do things in half, to give all, and do things as He will.


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