Up on a Hike: Talamitam

The sun was quite friendly that one day in February and it seemed like a hike was a good


…well, until noon came I guess 😀

It was a workout I personally enjoyed. Despite the high sun, all the sweating, a few rants from a tired companion (hehe), Talamitam proved to be a worthy climb. The sun may be hot that noon but it gave us a beautiful view of everything around us.dsc_8478-01

dsc_8497-01-01 dsc_8501-01



When we reached the peak, I was glad that there were a few people in there. Also, the resting area was pretty nice to look at.

dsc_8544-01 dsc_8545-01

We spent a half day in the mountain and went back to Tagaytay to cool ourselves off from noon’s sun.

It was a good hike. That was the last mountain I’ve climbed and I guess I am missing it.



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