Braving the Heat of Sorsogon

Last March, we visited the towns of Matnog, Irosin, Bulusan, and Gubat in the province of Sorsogon on a backpacking trip for five days. It was my birthday trip. 🙂


Our first stop is Matnog, where we saw the fishes of the Juag Lagoon and swam and played in the beaches of Subic and Tikling islands.

Juag Fish Sanctuary. We saw many kinds of fishes here and fed them with crumbs. 🙂
There you go 😉 It was fun seeing large fishes there
Subic Beach
Ganda dyan 🙂
Local children sharing the fun 🙂
My favorite spot in Tikling island
Zoom in to my favorite spot in Tikling island = hammock! (although I wasn’t able to enjoy it as much as I wanted to because island hopping duties)
Also, kasi sya talaga ang nag-enjoy sa hammock
My caption for this shot: “Beautiful Chaos” …. char

In Matnog was where we met a kind hearted family who welcomed us so warmly. It was by accident when we met. The tourism staff in Matnog wasn’t as kind as I had expected. When I asked for Jen and I to be included in a group tour to pay for a cheaper price, she denied my request (with a scrunched face) and told me I have to look for a group myself. She was insisting I have to privately rent a boat and pay the greater price. I instantly talked to the group next to me and asked if we could join them and without any hesitation, they agreed!

That tourism lady was really the opposite of kind, however I now see her as a blessing in disguise. Spending the island tour with our new found friends was an awesome experience. We spent the night drinking, singing karaoke, sharing wonderful chats about anything under the sun, eating delicious dishes (ang sarap nila magluto promise!). I don’t think I will ever forget about them.


We stopped by Irosin for a couple of minutes. Within that little time, we found out that the street food empanda in Irosin can taste so good 😉

Bulusan was a charm. The lake felt mystical and relaxing at the same time. Ate Tessie from the nearest store in Bulusan lake can be really accommodating, and the laing she offered us was so tasty and delicious. A bit pricey but definitely worth every penny.

DSC_0738 DSC_0664 DSC_0687 DSC_0699 DSC_0704

We hopped on a jeepney the next day riding on topload en route to Gubat, Sorsogon. In Gubat we stayed in Lola Sayong’s Surf camp. The staff is the best. And everything was just wonderful, the beach, the waves, surfing (!), the sunrise, the hammock spot, the staff, the food (!), even the kitchen. Seriously, the kitchen, where people come and go to. It’s also probably the best place to share conversations with the locals, the surfers, and the visitors. Lola Sayong’s is probably the best place to stay in Gubat for adventure seekers.


chillest place I found in Bicol (so far) 😉
The dining area, further inside is the kitchen
“Detox area” = hammock heaven 🙂
Outdoor library 🙂
I would love to go back there again

Relaxing vibes is just everywhere. And the sunrise 🌅 was really gorgeous.

If I would go back there, my top reason is the sunrise.
DSC_0907 DSC_0912


followed by, well, surfing 🙂 You won’t drown here!

see that swell?


Also, it’s cheap there 🙂 For our two days and one night, we only spent Php 1,000.00 in Lola Sayong’s for the following:

  • Accommodation (tent)
  • Food (Breakfast, lunch, dinner) for two
  • Use of CR, bathroom
  • Surfing lesson for one, rental of surfing boards for two
  • Half-day rental of motorbike (we rented one to do a Visita Iglesia)
  • Unlimited use of Lola Sayong’s surf camp facilities (Hammock heaven!!!)
  • Perfect ambience.

In the town center of Gubat, Aling Linda’s eatery serve the most inexpensive food I’ve ever encountered, ang sarap pa!


That birthday trip was memorable to me for a lot of reasons. From my companion having minor colds at the beginning of the trip to him doing what he can to make a good company for me was an act of kindness I never realized immediately and I thank God for letting me be with such a blessing, and for giving us a wonderful trip that went well, with the two of us having as much enjoyment as we could have and couldn’t have imagined. 🙂

The more than fourteen (14) hours land travel time of Manila-Sorsogon via bus can be discouraging but visiting Sorsogon is something I would never regret. 🙂


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