Vietnam Diaries: Hoi An

This Hoi An trip we made was unforgettable for many reasons. 🙂

At that time I wasn’t really looking forward to being ‘awe’d by the place. I was only absorbing the experience of actually travelling locally in a different country. And it felt really nice. I flied my first domestic flight in a foreign country and it was definitely an interesting day.

The flight was smooth. And it was nice to see the Da Nang skyline in the morning.

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The morning was good until it lasted. When we landed, we faced a little misadventure. The plan was to get on a bus to Hoi An, because it’s cheaper. And we did exactly that.

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The problem was, we got on the wrong bus!

Or so we thought 😦 At least that was what the Vietnamese bus conductor told us. :/ We hopped off somewhere on the road to get a cab instead but before that, we ate some chicken pho and tried to chat with the local. And we found out that we actually rode the right bus! I don’t know where the mistake came from but somewhere along talking to that bus conductor was some miscommunication. I didn’t want to get bad vibes from it so I only tried to get the best out of this experience. We found a cab a few minutes after and went directly to our homestay in Hoi An.

The sun has already set when we arrived in our homestay. The bad vibes started to fade from there. It was so relaxing to find how nice the staff they have there! We checked in at Starfruit Homestay and when we got inside our room, we were so pleased! More than pleased even, we were surprised at how nice the room was with the cheap price we paid for it.

From the homestay, we walked the streets to the old quarters of Hoi An, which was quite far. A bit past dinner time, we arrived to our destination, to a restaurant in the old town recommended by our landlady. The restaurant is called the”Bale Well” We found it in a back alley somewhere in a corner.

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Our whole dinner there was actually a set meal for only one person. But it was more than enough for the two of us! Who doesn’t love Vietnamese food? Its cheap, filling, healthy, and delicious all at the same time.

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Our night walk continued. And the happiness tank inside me instantly got filled as I saw how beautiful Hoi An was at night.

To put it simply, it was just like magic for me.

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That night was indeed a memorable one for me. The lights everywhere were very attractive and the whole area near the river was packed with tourists. We met a fellow Filipino who greeted us with a simple and joyful “Uy kababayan!” while we were crossing a bridge. My eyes feasted on the lovely lanterns in different colors. It was a wonder to see all the shops and restaurants shining in bright lights. My pictures cannot give justice to how I saw the beauty of the night.

We went back to the hotel after some time and we retired to bed with smiles. That night time walk was a great decision. 🙂

An Bang

The next day we explored Hoi An further by bike. From our homestay is a 20 minute bike ride to …. the beach!!!

an bang beach

Here’s my confession: I’m always scared to ride a bike. I know how to though. But my fear always gets the best of me turning every bicycle ride of mine into a nightmare.

But that particular day, rather morning, I feel like I was ready to use the free bicycle rental of our homestay. I gathered up my courage and rode the bike to the An Bang beach without fail! I was so proud of myself then!


But more than that, An Bang beach was lovely that morning.

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That day, we planned to go to the old town again, to see how it looks like in daylight. Before that, we went back to our homestay first. I did enjoy the ride going to the beach that morning, but going back home from An Bang was a completely different story.

That’s when I fell off the bike. More than once, more than twice, more than thrice… 😦 😦 😦 It was a very embarassing experience. 😦 Though my companion helped me, he did way more than that, he wouldn’t stop laughing! All because he was able to capture my epic fall in a video! And yes, he wouldn’t stop laughing!

But let’s not go there now.

In the afternoon, we visited the old town of Hoi An. By bike again! But this time, we only used one bike. Naka-angkas lang ako, hahaha! Bakit ba.

I was glad to see Hoi An’s charm remains in the daylight, although differently, it still is a very pretty town.

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DSC_0439-01-01 DSC_0473-01

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The river in the old town of Hoi An

Some fancy gongs
Tahoooo! Vietnamese verison


Our lunch!
Everything gets better with cold beer 😉
We were in Vietnam at the time when the country’s celebrating their friendship with Japan


Our bike for the day! See the metal seat behind the biker’s seat? That’s my spot! 😀

There might be an awful part at the beginning of the trip, and somehow in the middle, but overall, I loved the day we toured Hoi An by bike. We may feel wonder seeing all those cozy stores, the pretty temples, eat cheap but good food but what really made the day, or any day at the least, wonderful is the company we keep. And so far, mine was the best.


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