An Escape in Talim

Those times when a plan stops being a plan and becomes a memory worth keeping instead are those days when I feel satisfying joy (and a bit of pride). The trip to Talim Island in Laguna de Bay is one of those days, and a really fun one.

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In Laguna de Bay lies an island I never knew existed before, Talim Island. Last May, I took rides on a bus, a jeepney, and a pumpboat towards this island and then followed the trail onto the peak of the island’s highest point, Mt. Tagapo.

From EDSA my companion and I took a jeepney going to Binangonan, Rizal. The jeepneys were easy to be filled with passengers and we were very blessed to find ourselves seats in a jeep as soon as one stopped by to pick passengers. The morning ride was swift but it took more than an hour.

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Arriving in Binangonan, a short walk led us to the terminal of pumpboats. A few meters ahead is the market and the church. We took our breakfast in town before riding the pumpboat.

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It was my first ever pumpboat ride and for a tiny moment, I was in awe of the fact that I was riding a boat together with numerous pieces of hollow blocks. Hehe 😉 This is the main means of transportaton for the people of Talim Island.

The ride took a long while but I enjoyed the scene. I could see the Makati skyline from afar and the wind was relaxing.

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We stopped by from one fishing village to another that’s why it took some time before we arrived to our destination.

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The jump off point to Mt. Tagapo is Bgy. Janosa. With the huge “JANOSA” sign, it wouldn’t be difficult for people to know that they have arrived. 🙂

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We registered at their base camp and hired a guide. Apparently they are strict about hiring guides for a hike to the mountain.

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After the registration and sharing of a few chitchats with new found friends, we then proceeded with the hike.

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The trail was not difficult but could be challenging for beginners. Bamboo plants can be seen all throughout the hike and it felt pleasant walking through bamboo tunnels. A few men could also be seen burning/making charcoals.

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As we walked nearer the peak, the bamboo plants lining the path were slowly being replaced by cogon grass.

Also, the view of the city during the hike came as a pleasant surprise.

The view, however, was much nicer at the top.

And the small fact that my companion and I had the entire view only for ourselves during that time amused me very much. It was a lovely afternoon indeed.

We had picnic and rested for an hour before we climbed down.


Meeting new people and making them friends while you engage in your hobbies add so much spice in our lives as social people. From the trip, not only did I got to meet new friends but I also got to learn how there are so many who give back to the joy of mountaineering by helping the people of the village who take care of our mountains. Ate Thess is a fun loving woman with a mission and I’m just so glad to meet someone like her. She’s a part of a mountaineering group who regularly conducts missions to villages where they give out school and medical supplies for the residents.

The Tagapo crew 😉 Ate Thess on the right side.

The boat ride back to Binangonan was once again a smooth one. It was late in the afternoon and the sun was about to set. The ride was calm, the wind served as my lullaby and being with someone I trust, sleep embraced me as gently as the sky turned orange. I knew then fondness was growing in me, not in an erratic way but like the ride, it was calm and comforting.

I can only thank God for everything because life always makes sense in His beautiful way.


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