Footsteps in Baguio

The first month of the year was very kind to me, and maybe for most people as well. I greeted the non working holidays with bonhomie and I allowed myself to breathe, smile, and relax. I thank God for giving me time to travel as well.

That night, I picked up my bag, hopped up the bus with a few friends, and there I was on my way to the City of Pines. 🙂


I was with three friends on this short trip, on our minds listed a few places we wanted to visit in Baguio.

BenCab Museum

A bit far from the city proper sits the now famous BenCab Museum. When I first heard about this place a few years ago, I immediately found myself wanting to set foot on the place. This was our first destination in Baguio.



BenCab museum is located in Tuba, Benguet, a few minutes taxi ride from the city. The entrance fee is PHP100. When we arrived, we were practically the only visitors in there. It felt great entering each gallery without anybody blocking our photo sessions.


Going from one gallery to another was a bit fun. We started from upstairs and headed downstairs, each floor greeted us with creative masterpieces from different Filipino artists.



The museum houses a wide variety of artworks, from traditional to modern art. I made a mental list of my favorite pieces.

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As we further went downstairs, we found ourselves at the entrance of a whimsical cafe.

What made the cafe more interesting was the view of the outdoors.


You can actually also see this view from the galleries upstairs.

It felt grand. 🙂


Tam-Awan Village

After our visit to the museum, we headed to another place bursting with arts and culture, the Tam-Awan Village.


The entrance fee is as inexpensive as PHP50.00 for adults and PHP30 for students and senior citizens.

I was a little excited to visit this place because of the nice reviews I read about the Tam-Awan Village. As we climbed up the stairs, our eyes feasted upon the different, fancy colors of art in fusion with nature.



We arrived at the uppermost part where a restaurant sat among traditional Igorot houses. There were also art sessions offered for the visitors.



Even their washrooms danced with colors!

Apart from the shops, that’s about everything we saw in Tam-Awan. The climax of our visit to Tam-Awan was probably the time when we went inside the Igorot house.

Overall, I was a little disappointed. I think I expected too much from the village. Anyhow we had our dose of fun inside. 🙂


Strawberry Fields

We also made a visit to the strawberry fields in La Trinidad, Benguet for the sake of seeing the strawberries, shopping for strawberries, and eating strawberries… 😉



Oh, and seeing sunflowers 🙂


Mt. Cloud Bookshop / Cinemathique

It was night time, when we walked down the streets of Baguio to search for a certain bookshop. There’s this intriguing hype about this bookshop that’s making me want to visit it.

????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????

Opening the doors, I felt a little disappointed as I found myself being overwhelmed, not by books, but by a lot of visitors. Hispters were everywhere! And Mt. Cloud Bookshop was really small. 😦


However, I bet it would be fun if not so much people were inside while you browse for books, both local and international titles.

Beside the bookshop, there’s is a little cinema theatre for Filipino indie films, Cinemathique. 


We wanted to watch the film presently showing then, but we didn’t have enough time.


Camp John Hay

We spent our next morning in Camp John Hay, where we tested the endurance of our walking capabilities. If not for the refreshing feel of the environment, we’d feel dead tired before noon came.

Also, when you’re with your friends, the chit chats will always make everything memorable. 🙂

We paid visits to a few tourist attractions in Camp John Hay. We shrugged off our negativities as we passed by the tombstones inside the Lost Cemetery.















We entered the Bell House and saw the fancy rooms and furniture.



And we walked the path of the Historical Trail.

We could do a lot more in Camp John Hay, such as having a picnic, doing more leg exercises by walking on more eco trails, or even shopping. There are plenty of places to eat inside as well.


Session Road


Plainly walking down this road, seeing different people, thinking of trying every cafe and restaurant standing one after another, there’s a strange pleasure in it. 🙂 And the weather was perfect. 🙂


But what really made this trip a unique experience is the people I’m with. Aren’t friends one of the best gifts God has ever given to mankind? Good times or bad, good friends will always be there, celebrating life with you all the way. 🙂



7 thoughts on “Footsteps in Baguio

  1. Okay, this is weird pero I thought I saw you at that time. Can’t remember where but around Burnham Park, I think. This was when Pope Francis was in the Philippines, right?


  2. Can’t help smiling all throughout this post. Awesome experience you had eh, Steph? 🙂 And awesome places, too. 🙂 Hopefully when I get another chance to go there, I’d go to all it’s possible areas (that are worth visiting din naman, haha). Sana makapunta rin ako sa mga lugar na fineature mo dito. Na shock ako sa gatan. :))


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