Tipid Backpacking in South Cebu

Recently, my brothers and I made a trip in Cebu. The original plan was an R&R in the white sandy beach of Bantayan Island. But travel suggestions from different sources led me to an idea my brothers and I thought was better: a backpacking trip in South Cebu. 😀


And I would say the whole travel experience was fantastic. 🙂

We were supposed to arrive in Cebu at 8 in the evening but our AirAsia flight was delayed for 5 hours due to technical reasons. It wasn’t fine of course but then we didn’t really have any other option but to entertain ourselves during that 5 hour period, and thankfully, we did. 🙂

We got to meet a few interesting people, one of them is Kuya Eric who had been to Cebu for quite plenty of times. He was funny and he filled us with tips for our Cebu tour. He also told us stories of his adventure in other parts of the Philippines. We had such a grand time exchanging stories with him because he was very funny! Isn’t humor such a very nice attitude? Makes life better tenfold. 🙂 Too bad we weren’t able to take a photo with him and our other ‘co-victims’

TravelBee Guesthouse

We arrived tired and sleepy so instead of catching the morning bus to Boljoon, we decided to rest in an inn.

And I would say TravelBee Guesthouse a highly recommended budget hostel. The sheets and linen were clean and crisp white, the bathroom was clean as well, there’s heater, there’s airconditioning, and there’s free breakfast! We rented the medium hive room (good for four) for P1150 a night.


Cebu City Heritage Walk

Instead of pushing through with our southeast Cebu itinerary for our first day, we chose to explore the heritage sites of the city first.

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Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with g3 presetCebu City has a lot to offer but we chose to visit the heritage sites of the city which includes the Fort of San Pedro, Magellan’s Cross, and the Basicilica Minore Del Santo Nino, among others. We also visited the Yap-San Diego museum, which by the way, is kinda creepy. It was a fun tour though and we loved how the tour guide did the orientation. 🙂

Carcar City

By lunchtime, we headed to Carcar to buy some lechon and puso as snacks. The bus fare was P40 per pax from Cebu City. The traffic was heavy that time and we arrived in Carcar unexpectedly late. We did a little walking to see the heritage houses in town and then had dinner there afterwards.

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Carcar’s famous lechon


After our dinner in Carcar, we rode the bus to Moalboal that night. From the bus stop in Moalboal proper, tricycle drivers flock tourists to offer transportation services from the main road to the resort. The price ranges from P100-P150.

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There are two beaches in Moalboal, the Panagsama beach and Basdaku beach. We chose to stay at Ester’s Homestay in Basdaku beach, the ‘white beach’ of Moalboal. The room was fine, the basics are there, and the staff is very accommodating. Carinderias aren’t that far from the resort as well. One of the best thing about the resort is that we’re near the beachfront and waking up in the morning greeted by the seawaves and salty air was marvelous.

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Our Moalboal snorkelling experience is probably my favorite in our trip. The marine life was very rich and I was tremendously in awe of what I witnessed while I was underwater. Too bad I didn’t have an underwater camera to capture awesome moments but they were clear in my head! I mean, the fishes in the sanctuary! The sardine run! The turtles! Gosh it felt so good to be alive. Seeing them made me very happy. How wonderful God created everything.

Here’s a YouTube vid of the sardine run in Moalboal.

Kawasan Falls

We headed to Badian afterwards. Our next destination: the Kawasan Falls.

The road going to Kawasan Falls is a little bit further from the main bus stop of Badian in Cebu. If you’re riding the bus, just tell the conductor that you’re going to Kawasan Falls and you won’t have trouble knowing where to get down. From the main road, we did a 15 minute walk before we arrived at the falls.

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The azure color of the water from the photos we’ve seen before was what enchanted us to go here. And surely, the color made everything so pretty!

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Rooms and tables are available, as well as life jackets. While we were there, we were offered a room for P1,500 per night, a room good for 4. A table is available for rent for P350 The raft is also available for rent for those who want to go swim near the falls. The entrance fee to the falls is P10 per person.


Osmeña Peak

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From the falls, we went further up to the mountainous town of Cebu, the town of Mantalongon in Dalaguete. That title of ‘Little Baguio’? It’s not an understatement. We were shivering as we go up the town! From the main road, we rode a habal habal to the foot of Osmeña Peak and back to the main road for P200 per head.

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It was really cold!

We reached the foot of Osmeña Peak by 8 in the morning. From the foot, it was a good and fun 30 minutes of trekking up to the top. We were with Lyka, our kind little guide towards the peak. The fog was all over and it was a little sad that we weren’t able to capture a good photo of the view but the experience was still awesome. I’ll definitely go back there for a much better view (in a much later time of the day of course :D).

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Lyka, our enthusiastic guide 😀

There’s no guide fee however, you can give your guide a little something for the help and fun company.

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Obong Spring

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After our little trek, we freshened ourselves up in the quiet Obong Spring. There were practically no one there except for a group of girls and us three. The place felt a bit mystical or maybe it’s just because almost no one is around. 🙂

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Simala Church

Our next stop was the grand monastery of Simala in Sibonga. From the main road, we hired a tricycle to the monastery and back to the main road for P180. We could have haggled for a lower price though.

The building isn’t finished yet but with the presenting structure at the moment, I could swear it would look majestic when finished.


We offered a prayer before walking around the monastery. Inside, we found about the miracle of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Simala. There were cabinets showing the identity and letters of those who offered prayers of guidance, many of which are prayers to pass licensure exams.

DSC_1783 DSC_1786 DSC_1785

We spent a good 30 minutes within the place before we departed back to Carcar for pasalubong and then to Cebu City for our flight that same night.


Casa Verde

All throughout our trip (or almost), we bought our meals from carinderias to save money. However, for our last day, we wanted to enjoy a big sumptuous meal from a well known restaurant. My brother, specifically, wanted to try this huge slab of steak from a restaurant he learned about from a TV travel show. So where did we go? Casa Verde in Cebu City.


The whole meal was definitely worth the price. When I had a taste of Canto’s steak in Baguio, I thought it was the best slab of steak but when I saw how huge Case Verde’s was and how juicy and tasty it was, Canto suddenly gained a contender. We’re glad we didn’t pass up this dinner in Casa Verde. 🙂

Traveling with family doesn’t really seem that exciting for most people, I think. I mean, I myself would often prefer to go on trips with friends who are always on the go, who are seekers of fun and adventure, rather than family members who would tend to limit your activities most of the time.

However, traveling with my brothers was a different case. I’ve already been to different places in the country, provinces, mountains, beaches, and in most of them, I was with my friends, schoolmates, or like-minded cousins, but not very often with my family.


Having seen much wonders in our country, it made me feel a little guilty because I did not have my loved ones with me, my brothers and my parents.

So I made a promise with myself that I would take my family, or at least my two brothers first, on a trip somewhere where we could bond, have adventures together, and see God’s amazing creations together.

And this was it! And it won’t be the last. It sure was fun, having to see all those wonders with my dear brothers.

I always thank God for the gift of family because no matter what happens, good or bad, they are there and they love you whoever you are, whatever you do, or whatever you’re going through, they’ll always be by your side.

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