Out and Puzzled Out

Last December, an event in Tagaytay allowed my friend and I some time to finally visit a museum. It wasn’t that great of an adventure but it was our last hurrah for 2014, a simple tour inside the famous puzzle Mansion in Tagaytay.


The road to the museum was kind of a little adventure because of the steepness. However it was a short fun ride and the road was pretty too, thanks to the flowers on the sides.


A fee of P100 is collected before you can enter the museum. Also, the museum has this jeepney shuttle that looks nice.

The museum, from outside, doesn’t look that grand. It was an unassuming 2-storey building that looked like a house.

There was also a swiming pool across the museum. Apparently, the Puzzle Mansion also serves as bed and breakfast for those who wanted to stay in Tagaytay for more than one day.

As we entered the museum, large number of puzzles presented themselves in front of us. It wasn’t that overwhelming but for those who love jigsaw puzzles, I’m sure it will be.

There are different kinds of puzzles inside, there are these cube puzzles, magnetic puzzles, crystal puzzles, spherical puzzles, 3D puzzles, etc. Each puzzle is labeled with a number, the number of pieces, the dimension, the date of completion, and the time spent completing each.

Among the puzzles out there, here are a few of my favorites:

I loved a few more pieces there. Oh and by the way, I was surprised to see the Salvatore brothers there at the mansion 😀

And they also have a puzzle of His Holiness Saint John Paul II there!

I find it really nice that they have this entire wall only for puzzle images representing the Catholic faith.

There are over a thousand puzzles inside the museum (1,028 to be specific) owned and completed by Gina Gil Lacuna, a Guiness World Record breaker for having the largest collection of jigsaw puzzles in the whole world.

There’s a shop at the second floor where you can buy souvenirs from the museum. The largest puzzle (32,000 pieces) is also displayed at the second floor.

Personally, I think the fee is quite pricey for a museum of puzzles. However I think the nice environment of Tagaytay compensated for the lack of awe it delivers. There isn’t much to see but puzzles (it’s a puzzle museum after all hehe) but it sure is a treat for the kids and adults alike who love puzzles.

From my visit to the museum, however, I could not deny that the passion of Ms. Gina Gil Lacuna can be very admirable. And the fact that she was able to turn her passion into something profitable is something I find inspiring.

This lovey little corner is found outside, near the entrance door of the museum.


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