Christmas and Gratitude

It’s our favorite time of the year 🙂 And this time, I feel thankful to the people who made a difference in my year but more especially to God who is always generous and loving. Just like what my friend said, it’s our Lord’s birthday and yet He’s the one who gives and gives and gives us presents. And His love and generosity for us is endless.


And I thank everyone for making me who I am now.

To my Family

Of the many things I’m forever grateful for, the gift of family rise above a few others. They are my permanent source of happiness and I know words are not needed for them to know how much I love them. When I’m down and unhappy, the thought of my brothers being there always comforts me. We may have plenty of petty things that we fight over but I’ll always be glad that a second after the fight, we will all go back to laughing once again. My mommy, mama, and papa are always supportive and I’m very happy for that.

I can never truly express how much blessed I feel for having them as my family.

To my Friends

For the past years, my friends had been my companions in times of joy and adventure. Never have I been one to pour out emotions of grief and sadness to friends but this year is different. It’s only this time when I realized how a certain sadness and brokenness can be so overwhelming that I, who a few times had been told of having a rock hard heart, could not handle by myself. When I needed to vent out the grief, my friends had been there to listen.

I thank them so much for being there to listen to me and give me advice.

To my Almost Perhaps

He’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to me. Most incredible nonetheless. He gave me bursts of feelings as if in a show of fountain and lights, in different colors, in different directions. I never thought I would have wonderful, loving memories like those he gave me to keep.

It’s sad though when I think of the significantly unequal depth of meaning he and I have about the journey we shared. He’s my awakening, my enlightenment, a special soul engraved in mine, if I could be with him I would be but he’s the one who called the shots. And although what we shared isn’t as important for him as it is for me, I will always give him my warmest smiles and embrace and I thank him so much for who I am now.

To my everlasting source of strength

I will try to do my best in all the things You give me while I follow my dreams. As long as I see You, everything will go well and always will I try to see You in everything Lord. Your grace and Your love will be enough to give me peace and strength to do all things you give me. Lead me Lord and I will take everything You hand me.

Happy Birthday Papa Jesus, thank You for everything. 🙂


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