A Strangely Pleasant Encounter

2014-12-19 19.56.04

Our visit to the CCP theater last week was by far the most interesting of the visits I did there. It’s the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra’s 32nd concert season of wonderful music, Sound Kaleidoscope. Last week was the 4th concert of the season led by American conductor Jeffrey Meyer, who along with PPO took us all in a lively world through the compositions of Brahms, Stucky, and Debussy.

Also, I met a pleasing creature who told me smile-inducing stories and my encounter with this person made me realize that the world is filled of interesting beings.

“This kind of music that we present, it is entertainment but a different kind where we invite the listener to experience, to think and to imagine, to live vicariously through the composer or the musician” was what the concert season director Ochanine said in an interview.

This is exactly why I enjoy listening to classical pieces. It stimulates the creative side of our brain and Brahms and Debussy’s pieces from that night were magic. Although perhaps for me Mozart’s fancy and playful notes strike my brain the best. Still, PPO was amazing that night and the conductor’s wide smile is a bit infectious, how charming he seemed. 🙂

My mom and brother accompanied me that night, both a bit reluctant because it’s not their thing (there isn’t really any friend interested that I could invite or available). But because they love me they had to come with me *evil laugh*. My brother literally slept through some part of Debussy’s La Mer. 😦

But anyway, there’s a little interesting thing that happened that night. While we were having random conversations comfortably in our seats, a dear lady of a certain age came and sat one seat apart from me on my right side and then she started talking to me.

The words flowed untiringly from her mouth and there was nothing I could do initially but be nice and listen. From how she spoke I understood I was talking to a woman of intelligence. There was no introduction made at first and she just started commenting on that night’s concert, the theater, how she used to come more frequently, how she used to write music reviews, etc. She kept talking, I kept giving little comments, and before I knew it I was having a fancy little entertainment in the form of her words and her stories. She was telling me little events where she made tiny jokes (sarcastic ones) and how some people react to her jokes. She was speaking very fast I could almost imagine Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in her place and I thank God for the American dramas I used to watch I was able to follow her words and understand her. We were in the middle of our chat when I introduced myself. She told us her name but didn’t really introduce herself through what she does. Through her stories however, I learned that she’s both a writer and a professor ( a strict one I assume).

What warmed my heart during our conversation was when she told me that I was nice for taking the time to actually talk to her. She shared that when she talks to some people, they would go away and ignore her because it’s either they think she’s a fool or they do not understand her. More than that, she told me that life is short so we might as well do the things we wanted to do. And I realized that she’s right, may it be as little as talking to and getting to know random strangers or as big as following your dreams.

When I got home, I googled her name and found out she’s doing concert reviews for Inquirer and a music professor in St. Scholastica and Philippine Women’s University. Also, when I told her I am merely a music enthusiast, she told me sometimes the enthusiasts are better to chat with. 😉

It was a pleasing encounter indeed. 🙂 #justsharing


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