A Night at PETA

Last Sunday, I attended an event to support a friend who’s been following her dreams. It was such a fun night and a very inspiring one as well.



I was in one of PETA’s mini theatres and there the actors trained under PETA’s Workshop Weekends performed their showcases.

I was able to watch 5 shows and among them, ‘Chummy Heaven’ and ‘Rush Hour’ are my favorites, which are very entertaining they got me laughing hard.

Chummy Heaven is about the idea of who gets to go into heaven, who doesn’t, and what really is the meaning of heaven, which in the show was concluded to be different for each individual. The actors were really good and they performed really well.

Rush Hour, on the other hand, is an equally amusing show about the lives of MRT passengers. I think the show was done very creatively and the lives portrayed were both whimsical and realistic at the same time. The positivity in every scene made me feel very lighthearted and it was a pleasant and helpful thing for me. 🙂

It was a night filled with music and creativity, something I kind of needed that time. And more than that, it was so good to see and hug my friend Marl once again.



And oh look who’s with us 🙂

Derek Ramsey ❤ paparazzi shot lol

Knowing that all those actors/actresses who performed have day jobs during weekdays that are entirely unrelated to their theater arts craft is something that made me feel very inspired. Like what the host shared to us, some of the actors haven’t even told their parents or friends that they were doing the acting workshops to avoid discouraging comments. It’s sad that some people still do not understand how important and empowering it is to see that people are doing their best to still do what they really want.

I still believe that what’s rooted deeply in our hearts, our deepest wants and desires, are the very thing that God wants us to do. And by following our dreams, like what Paulo Coelho said, is how we become an instrument of God.


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