Believe: A Fundraising Concert for Kids with Cancer


Last night was a pleasant night of music and sharing. The performances were amazing, the voices were good and they were very entertaining. The talks from Gio Respall and Ms. Glady, however, inspired me in so many ways. Moved me even.

Pain demands to be felt was what John Green wrote in his book. I was reminded of that by Gio Respall’s little talk last night. We experience loneliness in painful ways, frustrating even. Life may offer us lots of pretty and beautiful things around but when we’re lonely, they are nothing to us. No matter how exciting some things can be, they would mean nothing for the lonely. The emptiness in our hearts would shout “I’m not okay” every minute, every day.

And that’s okay. But no matter how great the insistence of pain and sadness to envelope our hearts, having faith and trusting God will bring us back to the light. There is God always, offering His arm to embrace us. In Him is where enlightenment is. We may feel pain today but in a different light, it’s something to be grateful for. God is preparing us for what may come and this pain, this loneliness, will help us face the great things that are in store for us.


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