When Time Flies Quickly

3 years na! I’ve been working in the same institution for 3 years this November. Sabi nga ng boss ko 3 years na raw akong nagti-tiyaga. I laughed heartily, knowing that she herself knew that I find my work rewarding. Little does she know, a big part of this positive view of my job is because of them, the people I work with.

Not everyone though. Working in a government institution can be very exasperating. More so in a public hospital where negative energy seems to vibrate in every wall of the place.

There are plenty of times when a simple task requires a lot of effort because of a few frustrating factors: the paperworks, jobs half-done, and yes, the people involved. In public health and developmental work, working in isolation is almost impossible. And interacting with different kinds of people can be really stressful, especially if you are dealing with the motivationally dispossessed ones.

However, I am truly grateful to God that he placed me where I am right now, working closely with the people I am with. Being surrounded with positive and competent people is surely an incomparable gift. No matter how stressful the environment can be, a good laugh can wash all the negativity away. And where I work, laughter is something you find almost every minute in a day. Working with these kind-hearted people, I don’t run out of things to be amused and be thankful at.

More than that, I find pride in my seniors as well. It’s comforting to have a supervisor who looks through quality of work very well, whose sharp eyes do not fail to notice every typo error we make, whose comments are intellectually delivered in an encouraging way, whose kindness is always on the surface despite the loud and almost shouting voice, and who has principles to uphold and upholds them very well. With the kind of environment I have at work, rarely do we find people like that. And I am just glad to work under her supervision.

Those and the unmatched fulfillment that a simple ‘maraming salamat hija’ every patient gives you everyday are blessings indeed. And I thank God for all these, the things that keep me going at work. For Him, I would spend more of my years well, wherever I will be, I’ll grow where He would plant me.


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