Weekend Musings

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Last Sunday, I realized how God wonderfully takes care of His children by providing them what they need through unpredictable and sometimes, interesting ways. The priest’s homily last Sunday was entertaining and at the same time rejuvenating, and reassuring of God’s love. He told us a story, a personal one, about how delightful it is when God makes each of us an instrument of His love to provide for those who are in need.

The story goes like this: one day Father was invited to bless someone’s motorcycle. He went on to bless the motorcycle and when he was finished, the owner shook his hand, secretly placing a piece of paper to Father’s palm. When Father opened his hand, he found the paper to actually be a 50 peso bill! He smiled and said thanks to the owner. On his mind, he was glad and thankful as he can make use of that money.

However, as he was just entering his office that day, an old lady was waiting on the doorsteps. He knew this old lady and so he asked what she needed from him. The old lady said, “Father, hindi pa po kumakain ang dalawang anak ko. Kung pwede lang po sana Father, baka po may maitulong kayo kahit pambili lamang po ng isang kilong bigas.

Father immediately thought of the 50 pesos he just received that day. Father smiled at the old lady and gave her the money. On his mind he was thinking “Pera na naging bato pa“, yet he was smiling still.

He was once again asked to bless a house. He did the blessing and when he was finished, the owner handed him an envelope. Inside the envelope was a 300 peso bill! Father smiled.

Upon returning to his office, he found there two boys waiting for him. He knew those two boys. Every week, he gives those two boys allowances 150 pesos each. Immediately his mind went to the 300 pesos he received from the owner of the house he blessed. And so, he gave each of the boys P150 each. Again, he mused, “Pera na nga, naging bato na naman.

Then another called him asking to bless another house. He went on and did the blessing and when he was finished he was once again handed an envelope, containing P1000! Father smiled.

As he was coming back to the office, a cousin called him, telling him his urgent need to borrow money for his job application as a security guard.

Immediately, the envelope containing the P1000 he received that day danced on his mind. And so he told his cousin that he has P1000 that could help him.

Father didn’t smile anymore, he started to laugh!

Then, the Ayala group of companies called him on another day, asking him to bless an office. He went to do the blessing and when he was finished, he was again handed an envelope, containing P4000!

Receiving the money, he laughed at once. On his mind was the thought, “Grabe ang laki naman nito, sino naman kaya ang nangangailangan ng P4000?”

And we all laughed at the Church.

Father’s story was very amusing, funny even. But more than that, it was heartwarming. Father told us how gentle and loving God can be. He never ignores those who are suffering. God always provides.

This is also related to the activity I had the day before this. Last Saturday in our ministry meeting, Father Sal had a surprise for us: a film showing! We watched this movie entitled “Mission to Love“. The film is about the life of St. John Bosco, better known as Don Bosco.

Honestly, my knowledge of Don Bosco is very limited. I mean, all I know about Don Bosco is that he took in young boys and taught them about God. It was only last Saturday when I learned much more about him.

Don Bosco was a humble, merciful, and a generous man. He was brought up by the good teachings from his mother, who taught him that as long as they can, they should give help to others, that if they have much, they give others enough and if they have little, they give them a little as well. And all through his life, Don Bosco remained a giving man, and a forgiving one as well. He dedicated his life to teach young boys the Word of God. He let them see that God is kind and merciful, and that there is hope for each of them.

Honestly, I really think that the film is very well produced. I was also surprised to find Charles Dance, the actor who played Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones, as one of the cast. I didn’t know he can speak Italian! The film ran for more than 3 hours and I felt very grateful that I was given the opportunity to watch the film. I was sincerely moved by the film.

I pray to God for patience, kindness, and humility so I can be the woman I wanted to be, who is capable of becoming an instrument of His love and a constant blessing to others. Everyday in my life, I thank the people around me, who give me so much love, from which I get my source of joy, strength, and the drive to do good.


One thought on “Weekend Musings

  1. Praise the ever loving God! 🙂

    This had me bobbing my head (in agreement) for several times, S. You had this post beautifully written (aw well all of your posts are :D). This one just had a different impact on me.

    And now I feel the need of thanking you for starting my day beautifully. Thank you, S! God be with you always. ü


    p.s. Natawa ako sa 4k part; kanino nga kaya? XD


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