BGC Art Mart

Last 5th of October, different young artists gathered together to have their artworks displayed for sale in BGC. And that only meant one thing for me… cool, eclectic items for sale! 🙂 My friend and I looked around to find some awesome stuff.

2014-10-05 18.37.14

… and there were a lot of awesome stuff!

2014-10-05 18.37.33

2014-10-05 18.38.34

2014-10-05 18.38.42

2014-10-05 18.44.37

2014-10-05 18.49.45

2014-10-05 19.01.27

2014-10-05 19.27.07

2014-10-05 19.28.34

This poor kid was only able to buy a few. But look how blessed this kid is, a TARDIS key chain! The only one left! Haha, this really made me happy 🙂



TARDIS key chain by Pop.Junk.Love (contact Maan Agsalud +639178591794)
Red stickers by Indai Galactica and the Monster (contact Joza Myrene Nada +639998841650)

2014-10-05 18.13.24

My friend and I (at the mirror) slouching somewhere. Pagod na daw siya lol


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