LAPIS ArtCom VIII: “Kabayanihan, Kasaysayan, Kamalayan”

That night on the 6th of September, I once again attended the LAPIS ArtCom, with their theme being: “Kabayanihan, Kasaysayan, Kamalayan.” That was their 8th night since their birth and 3rd night in the cafe and my third time attending their events.

And they found quite a pretty nice home in the quaint cafe of Mystic Brew. Also, it was nice seeing it continually unfold into the exact thing that it aims to be, a gathering of young artists for sharing of ideas and exhibition of talents. And it keeps getting better!


Gifted young performers with their instruments (violin, guitar, ukulele, debate/speech prowess) graced the cafe that night, bringing the audience some kind of a mixture of both a let-up and a stimulant. Apart from the lovely performances, a discussion based on the theme of heroism and even a debate-ish encounter on the topic of who the national hero should be took place that night. The room was filled with young ideas and talents which raises up one’s hope for the younger generation.

Also, did I mention how quirky the cafe is? I’ve been there once with a friend and it feels good to come back. Too bad I wasn’t able to take more photos of the cafe. Even the comfort room looks very pleasant with it being filled of whimsy stuff.

I came with my two dear friends from high school who live nearby and I am just so glad to spend this cultured night with them. 🙂

 lapis8 II


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