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The month of August was something I had been looking forward to during the past, previous months. During those days and the weeks before this anticipated month, I was seeing August as the time for a vacation, a relaxation, a time to be filled with joyful rest days (because there were quite a number of holidays this month).

But I was wrong. *teardrops*

Once the first sunrise of August shined upon me, rest had been evasive and all the work presented to me were a bit time consuming.
But still, I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m actually grateful. 🙂  Here’s what kept me busy this month of the year:


1. Work

Yeah well, 8 hours everyday of weekdays plus a little more hours extension in some days. It’s a given. I, however, feel glad and blessed in my work.


2. Catching Up

August gave me time to catch up with friends from high school and college. These meet-ups required me much of my time. Although they can be physically tiring afterwards, my soul was filled with joy and love. Spending time with friends are definitely one of the satisfying activities one can have.


3. School

School has started this month!  Also, we had our first long exam in one of my subjects this month already.


4. Meeting New People

I recently joined a ministry which allowed me to meet new people, friends in the making 🙂 It’s always a good thing to feel that you belong, being a part of something with a mission. And I feel that with my Word on Web group, a new-found family. I’m looking forward to the days when I’ll get to know each of them more, spend time with them for our ministry activities.


5. Being Part of a Mission

This is related to #4. The ministry I joined is a project by the Word Media Ministry, headed by none other than the much respected Father Sal. Word on Web is the apostolic arm of the Word Media Ministry to provide tools in catechesis, to help in making known the word of God by spreading the seeds of Catholic faith through online posts in various social media accounts.

I consider this my way of giving back to Him. And therefore, it is one of my priorities.


6. Family

Our families, although they are basically almost always there, shouldn’t be taken for granted. Spending a little more time with them after dinner, or during breakfast, or in lazy afternoons should still be part of our activities. I may have had less time for them recently but I always enjoy having fun interactions with them everyday. And hugs from them are always the best.



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