Cinemalaya X

2014-08-03 13.30.38

Last week, Filipino film enthusiasts had their dose of unique entertainment through the Cinemalaya X Philippine Independent Film Festival. I joined in but sadly, I was only able to watch four films. Getting day passes wasn’t so easy at all. You had to buy the tickets at least a day before the screening to get a sure seat. You definitely had to give more time in securing tickets but for the sake of having to watch a good Filipino indie film, the sweat is nothing.

My line-up: 1. Children’s Show, 2. S6parados, 3. Dagitab, and 4. 1st ko si Third.

I absolutely adored Dagitab. Ang deep nga lang haha, at puro symbolisms, but the message was clear in the end and it makes you appreciate the film as a whole. What the wife and husband had is something lovely. I think I wanted that kind of relationship.

Children’s Show was quite heavy though, bad things kept on happening and you’re just left with pity for the protagonists.

S6parados, on the other hand, is a bit more entertaining. The film was star-studded and the story seemed to flow in quite a good way.

1st ko si Third is pretty enjoyable too although I can’t say more about it since I was a bit sleepy when I watched it. The young ‘Third’ is handsome by the way. And Nova Villa was amusing in the film. I truly admire Dante Rivero’s character though.

My friend and I had a great time while we waited for the screening of the films. We saw stars and directors in CCP mingling among the crowd. We were a little shy to take pictures with the directors though, but anyway, it was nice seeing them in person.



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