Greek Night at Ble


It’s munching time again with one of my bosom friends, Mek Mek! I always feel glad whenever I have this catch-up date with my friend. And recently (meaning a few weeks ago lol), we tried this little blue restaurant in BF called the “Ble.”

Yep, it’s just “Ble.” 🙂

This wasn’t a planned trip though and we just saw this tiny blue restaurant as we were walking in Aguirre one night. Ble is a Greek restaurant and the whole place is indeed very small. They only have two tables inside, one is a table for two and another is enough for a group of 6, I think. But the bar also serves as a dining area and the bar stools look really pretty with their blue color. The lamps are so lovely as well.

Their food is pretty great, a bit pricey for the quantity but good nonetheless. Our stomachs are full when we left and I enjoyed my strawberry yogurt so much. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Greek Night at Ble

    • If you go here sa south, you might as well try other restaurants or cafe, madami sa BF Paranaque 😉 third wave cafes are also making their way sa south 🙂 hopefully madami pa hehe


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