Finding Refuge (or Awesomeness) in Sev’s Cafe

Last night was definitely one of the most interesting nights I would probably tell my grandchildren about.

2014-07-19 20.01.45

It wasn’t my first time to watch spoken word artists but it was my first time to visit Sev’s Cafe (Howie Severino’s cafe) and I was treated to a wonderful night. Artists of the spoken word and everyone with a creative output to their bottled-up overwhelming emotions came to the stage last night to put their hearts out and it was indeed one of a kind.

I was with my friend Marl (a kindred spirit, she is) and we were there to observe the scene, the ambiance, and to check out if it would be the kind that we’re going to be comfortable with. We both like poetry by the way, as well as books, the arts, etc. (it was really awesome having found such a soul).

Before entering the place, I was imagining both of us having some snacks, sipping our alcohol, and listening to the awesome pieces of the artists, while sitting at a corner of the cafe. What happened was, there was little space anymore and we’re just blessed to find ourselves a table because all the others were already reserved. And we weren’t seated at a corner, we were seated right at the middle of the cafe haha!

Nevertheless, I think we got the best view of the stage and we had a truly fantastic night. That moment when Abby of Words Anonymous spoke and that time when Slac asked which among us are bitter, (and so many raised hands), I knew it’s going to be lots of fun (in a good sense of course). How creative the artists were last night! It was great to hear ‘hugot‘ pieces haha in my head I was thinking “what the— that was me!” That place is indeed a refuge, and an authentic art hub for local creatives. I was so tempted to go up and blurt out a piece (it was an open mic btw) only I didn’t prepare a piece. Perhaps next time though. Of course I wouldn’t be as good as the others (because so many are really awesome, they rock).

It was such a shame that I had to leave early. A new found friendly neighbor who stayed there until late at night (or early morning I guess) told me there were so many good performances after I left, ugh. Also, too bad that we weren’t able to chat much. But anyway, next time I’m there, I’ll try to make it a more memorable one. 😉 God bless these kids.


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