An Afternoon Delight at ProsperiTea

I was out for an errand one Saturday afternoon and there was only one thing on my mind: to buy groceries. The sun was hot and my throat was dry so I had to go and buy myself a nice cold drink to quench the annoying thirst. While still on the street outside, I turned my head and there it stood, a door with a “ProsperiTea” label. And from the glass windows, I saw no customers inside other than two random guys.

Immediately, I thought how perfect a milk tea would be for me at that moment.

Little did I know, I was in for quite a nice surprise. 🙂

2014-07-12 15.49.45

The facade was unassuming.

I always pass by this milk tea store every once in a while and yet I didn’t grow curious enough to open its door to see what’s inside. In my head I always thought that this milk tea store should be a simple one with the tables, chairs, and the counter, just like the others.

But when I did enter that little green door that afternoon (finally, thanks to the extreme heat I suppose), it felt as if I was Mary who just discovered a secret garden, hihi 🙂

2014-07-12 15.50.14

The interior was so lovely! I couldn’t contain my amusement so I was smiling and looking all over the store while I was ordering my milk tea.



Also, there was a back door. And it leads to more tables and chairs…

2014-07-12 15.52.51

It even has a small gallery of old photographs and nice little shabby-chic corners for chats.


What I planned as a one hour trip became 4 long hours as I spent the rest of my afternoon reading a book inside (good thing I brought a book).


Kuya from ProsperiTea asked me if I’m new to their place and I immediately said that yes I was and that I was even surprised that such a place exists here. Hehe, he said that the milk tea place is usually packed with customers during weekdays, students mostly.

Also, I was a bit tempted to ask if they started from selling milk tea in plastic bags. Haha. (Well, you know… the Mika Bacani comic strip?)

The comic strip above was made by the Filipino artist Mika Bacani which I stumbled upon a few years back. Never knew this amusing comics will be put into some use in my article 😀 Just sharing though.

Anyway, that afternoon felt like a wonderful present from above. 🙂


7 thoughts on “An Afternoon Delight at ProsperiTea

  1. Wow their Las Piñas branch is, for me, their most beautifully designed store! Will have to visit it one of these days. Thank you for sharing 🙂


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