Classical Orchestra Music/Scores: Why do I love Thee?

I woke up today with the whole day ahead of me. The last day of my precious weekend is here 😦 I browsed through my phone for some music and I realized how my music preferences changed overtime. My head then wandered to those times when it’s filled with instrumental pieces.

Then something gushed inside of me, and now here I am, sharing with you why I love listening to boring classical orchestra music.  😀

It all started with a Japanese cartoon. I was young and many things fascinated me, including funny anime. At that time, I and my cousin, who share the same interests with me, was hooked by an anime series entiled La Corda D’oro Primo Passo. It’s a reverse harem shoujo anime about a music student learning her craft in playing the violin. And it was very nice! I wasn’t only entertained by the little romances and humor in the series but it also made me discover how awesome classical pieces are.

Also, I learned a lot about musical instruments and what amazing sounds they can make. I know, it’s somehow trivial knowing those instruments and the pieces you can hear from them but it was only at that time when I found myself truly fascinated by it. I even downloaded classical pieces in my phone so I could listen to them whenever I want to (usually during bus rides, study time, and before going to sleep).

And then the series ended. But soon, my cousin and I found another anime series about music! The drawing is entirely different but it’s also about music students. This time, the heroine is a much more interesting character, Nodame. Also, it’s a much better series than the first one we’ve watched (in my opinion of course). Seriously I loved that show and I hold it in my heart dearly. I remember laughing at every episode.

In Nodame Cantabile, the theme about music is much more emphasized. The passion is there and it’s amazing how the whole series is crafted, centered around the two genius protagonists and their music career. This show made me download more pieces and it even made me look up different music geniuses of the classical and romantic period. It made me learn about Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Strauss, and how wonderful those composers are.


Then there became a live action of Nodame Cantabile! And it was good! And the musical performances were really nice too!



And then I watched the Vietnamese film The Secret with Jay Chou on the lead and my love for piano grew.

Hell, I started learning to play the piano (using my cousin’s keyboard hehe). I downloaded free piano sheets and tried to learn them. I learned quite a few by the way, but of course they are very simple pieces (mostly instrumental soundtracks from shows I used to watch).

My favorite piece is The Swan by Camille Saint Saens (in cello). I loved listening to it, and whenever I do, there’s this weird zeal I feel inside me.


To cut it all short, my love for these pieces started as a fangirl thing. Shallow thing some may see it to be but I have no regrets. 😀


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