Batanes Memoirs: Sabtang Island

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That Wednesday I had an early bath before I took my coffee. The sun was already up and the heat came crawling little by little. It was like a usual weekend morning for me at home… except I’m not at home, haha. I was in Basco, Batanes baby! The day before wasn’t a dream!

Our second day in Batanes was spent in Sabtang Island where Kuya Ryan, once again, gave us a guided tour.

1. Faluwa Ride

2014-06-03 07.08.57
The boats to Sabtang are called ‘faluwa’

The waters of Batanes is famous for its temper, stories of huge waves and rocky boat rides seemed to frighten a lot of people. However, there was nothing frightening about our faluwa ride to Sabtang Island. All thanks to the pleasant weather.

To be honest I was only a bit sad about not seeing dolphins 😦 A veterinarian who frequents Batanes because of work and whom I chatted with while I was on the plane to Batanes told me that this time of the year (June) is a good time to see dolphins while on a faluwa ride. I told Sir Ryan about it but he said we might only see the dolphins when the waves are high. 😦

Anyway, I took the chance to sit at the front of the faluwa where my face met the raging wind lol (it felt so nice haha). Marla joined me next and there we did a selfie with Kuya Ryan yay 😀

Our faluwa selfie 😀 photo courtesy of Marla Eizzel Completo

On the way though, we saw Sabtang Island’s Sleeping beauty.

2014-06-03 07.29.06
see the figure of a face in side view? that’s her, the sleeping beauty

Did you see it? Here’s a view up close 🙂

photo courtesy of TripOyet (

It gets kinda creepy if you think about the image for a long time. I mean, it makes you wonder how it would look like if seen from a bird’s eye view. And when you decide to wonder further, your imagination can take you to envision a full face… a full face made of hills and trees and soil… and it’s laying there on an island… and then the eyes would open, and then it would stare at you.

Haha! Okay I’ll stop there.

That was a random thing, lol, anyway, moving on…

2. Registration

Upon arriving at Sabtang, we headed first to the registration office where we signed our names for the island tour.


2014-06-03 07.44.27
our fancy ride ;P

3. Savidug and Chavayan Village

Ivatan stone houses are one of the many things Batanes is famous for. Since Batanes is geographically located along the pathway of typhoons, the Ivatans built sturdy stone houses to stand against the violent winds during storms.

In the villages we visited (Savidug and Chavayan), there stood traditional stone houses where the Ivatans still take residence. The streets were quiet and with the stone houses standing one after another, it’s as if the whole village was locked in time.

I saw few locals in the villages. Most of them might had been at work in the farms or at sea, fishing.

Ivatan stone houses
Anyone? Anyone out there?

Cogon is used as roofing. They may appear weak but cogon roofs are actually strong against storms.

2014-06-03 08.20.30
St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel sits quietly in the village of Savidug.

And yes of course we took some time for photo ops. 🙂

2014-06-03 08.14.13



There were more but that would be boring so… hehe 😀 Sarreeh for our faces 😀

By the way, that structure  in the photo directly above is an old beaterio. It stands beside St. Thomas Quinas chapel in Savidug.

4. Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint

Probably my favorite spot in all of Batanes (I couldn’t really sort out which comes first as my favorite), Chamantad-Tinyan is practically heaven on Earth. When I got down the jeepney, there was nothing I could do but helplessly be amazed at the sight of the hills all around. And the weather was perfect. When I walked further down, the view of the Pacific Ocean was marvelous.

2014-06-03 08.47.32

2014-06-03 09.06.14


Amazeballs huh 🙂

Oh and there’s some sea creature…

2014-06-03 09.07.13
a beautiful sea nymph… lol sarreh my blog haha B-)

Well, sea nymph is actually…

2014-06-03 08.56.10
nyaha, still a sea nymph lol

The location was super beautiful we don’t have other option but use it again for more photo ops haha. I wasn’t the only person blessed to see all these beauty. Here are my companions in this delightful island tour:

aw, how vital a monopod is.

5. Sabtang Weavers Association (Chavayan)

We made a stop in here for some snacks and drinks. Hiking the hill wasn’t particularly a leisurely walk so we needed to replenish. You may wear a Vacul (Ivatan headress) here for a rent of P20.

2014-06-03 09.41.55

7. Nakabuang Beach and Mahayaw Arch

For lunch time, we headed to the beach! The noon sun was high up and as much as I want to, I could not dive into the waters of Nakabuang Beach because red tide.

2014-06-03 10.48.50

So we only played around the beach, took photos of the famous arch, at magtampisaw sa tubig.

2014-06-03 10.49.02


Before the beach stood a stone house.

2014-06-03 10.42.05

That is where we ate our sumptuous lunch 🙂

lunch sabtangd

8. Malakdang Lighthouse

After lunch, we visited the Sabtang lighthouse before heading back to Batan.

2014-06-03 12.35.45

The island of Sabtang is a quiet, unassumingly beautiful one. While on the roadtrip to the different towns in the island, the view was scenic. I enjoyed the landscapes tremendously. The panorama of wide pasturelands accompanied us as we drove along the narrow one-way main road of Sabtang. If I had the chance I would choose to stay on the island overnight and perhaps sleep inside an Ivatan stonehouse. I guess I could do that in the future though. 🙂


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