A Place Like No Other: Batanes

It was a one day decision and I am very glad that I booked a flight to Batanes. What we had, Batanes and I, was a love story. Sadly, it was also a quick one and my heart was left torn into pieces. Nevertheless, I could never forget how Batanes became a part of me.

20140605_114615 2


I traveled to Batanes with a friend. We stayed at Timetravel Lodge where Ate Linda assisted us. The rooms are simple and the basic necessities are there, even more than the basic ones. The table and chairs outside the room are perfect for sips of coffee in the morning, or a light reading of your favorite novel at night.

2014-06-02 08.38.59
Time Travel Lodge, Basco, Batanes
2014-06-02 08.39.28
our humble abode 🙂

Batanes has three inhabited islands: Batan, Sabtang, and Itbayat. For our three days in Batanes, we booked a package tour only for Batan and Sabtang Island. We would say yes to Itbayat if only we had enough time 😦

We initially thought of doing a DIY tour because plenty of bloggers have done it and they made it seem so easy and doable even for first timers but we ended up calling Travel Young for our North Batan, South Batan, and Sabtang Island tours. It was convenient, and we had a great time. We met new people, and oh it’s always fun to meet new people. 😀

Mr. Ryan Cardona was our guide for our North Batan and Sabtang Island tour and he’s a lovely companion, informative, and he takes nice pictures! Mr. Romy Daroca was lovely as well, very friendly and fun!

our tour-mates with our tour guide 🙂

“Sa Batanes, parang wala ka sa Pilipinas” was a statement I always hear from people or read from blogs, and today I testify that being there indeed makes you feel like being in a different place: the peace, the silence, the niceness of people around, the fresh air, the fresh food, but most importantly, its immaculate beauty. At every turn is a picturesque view. If I could live there, I would, I mean, why not?

2014-06-02 16.30.02

2014-06-02 16.29.55

2014-06-02 16.34.43

2014-06-02 17.25.45

2014-06-02 15.38.37

2014-06-03 08.12.18

2014-06-03 08.06.15

2014-06-03 08.14.13

2014-06-03 08.47.32

2014-06-03 09.06.20


2014-06-03 12.35.32

2014-06-03 14.34.44

2014-06-04 10.00.23

2014-06-03 10.49.02

2014-06-03 10.48.50

2014-06-04 11.14.47

2014-06-04 10.23.45

2014-06-04 11.20.09

It may be a gorgeous beauty but not everyone is cut out to live there. Life is simple and everything is slow-paced. If you like doing many things at a time, you’ll be miserable there. Meals can take almost two hours of your time, the internet connection can be bad, and there might be occasional brown-outs. But for those souls who prefer simplicity over grandeur, nature over city lights, experience over convenience, and breathtaking views over the latest films and bar scenes, then Batanes is a perfect place.

2014-06-02 14.50.17

2014-06-04 17.26.34

2014-06-04 17.22.46

2014-06-04 17.39.42

And the food was fantastic!

2014-06-03 11.27.43

The whole trip was a bittersweet experience for me. All I did there was marvel at God’s wonderful creations. Never have I ever seen beautiful landscapes such as those in Batanes. And the people are all so honest and kind. I could always feel the sincerity of the greetings we received from the locals there everyday. That single thing makes my heart flutter.

And when I think about how the lovely hills rolled one after another as if there’s a silent, living green dragon underneath the verdant slopes, how the waters of the Pacific Ocean splashed wildly upon the rocky edges below the towering cliffs, how the misty views of the nearby islands during sunset looked as if Smaug is going to appear from the skies anytime soon, my heart reels.

It was bittersweet for me because it made me feel so blessed and sad at the same time. There are other people who deserve to see these wonders more than I do and yet there I was, my eyes feasting at the brilliant works of God. My papa, my mama, and my mommy Baby would have loved the views. My brothers would have enjoyed the adventures. Perhaps someday, I hope soon, I’d be able to bring them in Batanes and we would all appreciate how beautiful our country is.

2014-06-04 18.26.17
Dios Mamajes Batanes!


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