First Attendance! LAPIS ArtCom IV


Last Saturday night, I was able to attend to LAPIS Artcom’s 4th event held in Yho Grill in BFRV. I was so glad I was able to come!

LAPIS Artcom is a budding art community here in our area initiated by a former co-teacher in a Korean English Academy where I worked as a tutor before. He’s been inviting me but I didn’t have the time to attend (and I have no company, I can be really shy and awkward sometimes). Anyway, that night was fantastic and I learned quite a lot about artsy activities which I found very interesting, such as spoken word events, groups, and even this cool thing called a ‘zine.’

Last Saturday, they invited an activist Mr. Merck, who shared to us out loud his thoughts and his view about labor in this country and its effects to independent artists and publishers. It was an interactive talk and hearing ideas coming out from another person through a talk was refreshing for me, after getting used to just reading about them from the blogs and periodicals.

This Saturday, we’re about to witness spoken word artists perform their craft! If you’;re in Las Pinas area and might want to hear or experience something new, (like perhaps a slam poetry session hehe) then you might find this interesting too, just drop by Plaza Rizal in Daniel Fajardo this coming May 30 at 8pm and you’ll be in for a poetic night 🙂




I’ve been praising T. Rommel (my former co-teacher) for this group he initiated together with his friends. I only hear about activities like this happening somewhere in Manila (ex. Commune Bar & Cafe in Makati, Escolta, Cubao X, etc.), but their efforts made it possible for such thing to happen here in our area! The art community aims to bring art to young people and let them use art as well to share, express, and showcase their talents. Participating in such events is very encouraging to the youth, like a powder of fairy dust bringing courage to unleash their hidden creative prowess.


*photo credits to Rommel Pamaos


8 thoughts on “First Attendance! LAPIS ArtCom IV

  1. when will be the next schedule for this? i haven’t been to any art initiative events around Las Pinas area, this looks really interesting 🙂 Zines are really great, they are cheaper both for the production and for people who collects them. Pang masa! i wish there are more creative zine sa Pinas, most of what i see are Independent komiks.


    • hey! actually, ArtCom VI will be on the 5th of July (that’s tomorrow!) at Mystic Brew cafe in BF Las Pinas. You may want to drop by 🙂 ang theme ng gathering ay tungkol sa ating mahal na bansa hehe 🙂

      Check this out:

      Anyway, about the zines, I only learned about it recently and I got interested. Nag-try ako maghanap online ng Filipino zinesters pero puro international ang mga nakita ko 😦 But may na-meet akong nagco-collect ng zines and I was able to see one haha


      • salamat sa link! andaming art events bukas. Monthly ba ang artcom? …Ang INk, Ilustrador ng Kabataan merong zine every year, meron minsan sa mga komikon pero kaunti lang din.


      • Talaga?! Thanks! Ise-search ko yan 😀 Ang ArtCom more on art and literature and I think they are planning to have an event nga every month. Ang recent event nila was slam poetry and it was nice to see the spoken word artists perform! galing lang! Hindi pa ako nakaka-attend ng events ng InK pero kung nagho-hold pala sila ng zine fair, then astig! I’ll check it out thanks for the info! 😀

        And by the way, I just visited your blog… and your art is so awesooome!!! I’m a fan now 🙂


      • Nakita ko nga yung schedule nila from last 2013 nag launch sila ng zine, nagiging more and more interested na ako 😀 thanks for sharing ah 🙂
        I love your artwork talaga! reminds me of hayao miyazaki to be honest 😀


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