A Sudden Night Trip to Battle that Heat

“Tagay na Naging Tagaytay” as told by Prax.

That Friday night before this week, I went out with my high school tropa for drinks. The plan was to go to either this bar and grill in BF called ‘Central’ or the other one called ‘Tides’. And we never went to any. For a minute in the car after the name ‘Tagaytay’ was blurted out, we all decided to head there instead with all the little cash we had (I only had P150 on my pocket LOL).

The heat was to blame!!!



It was such a nice evening. It’s always good to share drinks and stories with long time good friends.

I was at home by 9 AM that Saturday and the rest of the weekend was for my brother who’s having his oath-taking celebration. We filled the whole Sunday with greetings, smiles, and lots of good food.

I feel tremendously blessed with all these things happening around me. Problems may be around all the time but with friends and family, all the troubles are endured with great success. Most of all, thanks to Him, our God. With Him, all is well.



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