Memory Switch

Last night I had a pleasant night with my sister (from another mother hehe :D) Tita Let-let. It’s been so long before we had this kind of bonding moment. And since this particular sister is going away for a long time because of work, Din-din (another sister from another mother:D) and I went out to bond with her.

We shared long and good conversations which widely covered the things I used to be very interested at. Or at least that was what I had in mind at the beginning. As we went along with the chit chats, I found myself getting more and more excited at the things I’m hearing about from her. I even shared so much!


As much as how happy the night made me, it also made me quite sad. It had been years since I last paid attention to those things I want, those things I’m very interested at since the very beginning, those things I still crave for deep in my heart.

I suddenly missed the old me, whose actions were led by dreams and not pushed by problems (quote from RWE).

Before the night ended, the last thing I read made me a little more heartbroken, yet somehow inspired, pushed, and driven.

Here’s the short poem (and the photo) from the famous poet Tyler Knott:

“Imagine the mountain
Reduced down to a hill
If it lacked the patience 
And strength to wait still.

Imagine the rivers
Shrunk down to streams
If they lacked the courage 
To follow their dreams.”

I pray to God to give me courage and I promise myself that I will try my very best to flow smoothly like a river and grow big like a mountain.


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