Secret of Success: Take Charge, Give All!

Four. That’s the total number of rest days I’ve had this week, including this lovely Easter Sunday. The Lent season has allowed me enough time to rejuvenate, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

My company? Well, aside from my family, I had a great time relaxing with this inspirational book by Bo Sanchez: “Take Charge, Give All”

2014-04-17 15.47.17

Take Charge, Give All is an inspirational book by preacher and author Bo Sanchez. I recommend this book for those who are stuck in their lives, for those who do not know what to do to reach their dreams, or even those who still do not have a clue what their dreams are.

Bo Sanchez’s words are not so hard to understand. Everything that he’s trying to say, he was able to put into simple words through examples and analogies.

And truly, I find this book empowering and inspiring. In a span of hours, I was brought into an eye-opening ride of realizations about my actions in life.

I guess discovering one’s dream, or talent, is the trouble many people find in themselves today, especially those who are experiencing their quarter-life crisis (if it does exist). Some people do not know what fuels their fire, their passion; they do not know what to do in life. What’s my dream? What’s my purpose? What’s my talent?

The following is an excerpt from the book which I find extremely helpful. This might answer those kinds of questions:

“One of the biggest reasons why you haven’t discovered your talent is because you haven’t been saying yes to life. You’ve been habitually saying no. To opportunities, to learning. To experiences. To stretching. 

You’ve been saying no because you’re afraid. You’re afraid of making mistakes. You’re afraid of being laughed at by many people. You’re afraid of falling flat on your face. You’re afraid of being humiliated. 

Discovering your talent is like discovering buried treasure. 

Treasure hunters don’t dig in one spot and automatically find the treasure. Treasure hunters survey the area thoroughly.”

– (excerpt from Bo Sanchez’s Take Charge, Give All)

Also, here are a couple more things I learned from the book (which I will try to carve into my soul little by little as the days pass by):

– You can accomplish anything if you put all your heart and mind into it.

– “Be who God created you to be. Be yourself. And you’ll succeed.”

– God’s will for us, is what lies in the inmost of our hearts, our deepest desire, our passion. That is what God wants us to do.

– Being a Jack of All Trades can be nice and lovely but choosing to be one is a free ride against success if at the beginning, you’re rooting to be successful in one particular field. Choose your focus wisely.

– How you perceive yourself can define you in front of everybody. Just try to see yourself as the man you want to be and it will greatly contribute to your self development and growth.

– Review your values because they will reflect your decisions in life.

– Acknowledging negative emotions is one step towards maturity. They are gifts from which we receive an opportunity to become better versions of ourselves.

– 10,000 hours is a key. Time is valuable.

– The Law of Conservation of Energy also applies in the way we give to others. The secret of success lies on how much you give.

– There will be pain when you give, and that’s okay.

Giving your all has incredible magic. It really is the secret of big returns.”


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