The Long Summer Has Officially Begun!

Summer, please be awesome 🙂


I don’t really have a summer plan as of the moment. I was waiting for that official break from school before I plan and now that it IS officially over (yesterday was the last day hooray!), it’s time!

Things are all over the place in my life right now though (changes at work, family plan stuff, career stuff, heart stuff, losing a source of happiness :S, etc.) but that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun.

This summer (which by the way ends in July for moi), I could only wish to accomplish these things:

1. Run.

2. Climb.

3. Lose weight T.T

4. Go on with the Random Acts of Kindness project

5. Take my siblings somewhere

6. Start my own Oplan: Balik Puhunan (a personal project by brother Kiko) lol. yeah.

7. Travel alone somewhere. (much needed)

8. Go to the beach!

9. Go to a cool place. (I meant the weather)

10. Go out with friendsssss 😀

11. Batanes Trip!!!

No detailed plan for all those wishes of travels though.

The problem is… where to go?


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