Francophonie Night!

Francophonie was a month long celebration presented by the Francophone embassies (Embassy of France and Embassy of Switzerland). As part of this cultural festival was the event titled “Cinema in the Open Air: Animation Film Cycle” from which the Filipino public was invited to watch animated French films (with subtitle) for free. The Film Cycle took place in the open auditorium in Rizal Park Open-Air Auditorium.

A free event! And before it ended last March 30, my friend Melissa and I was able to find time to try this out 🙂

2014-03-30 19.00.562

We arrived at the park late in the afternoon. The sun was about to set and there were so many people at the park! It was a Sunday and it seemed as if every family in the neighborhood was there for the park’s activities, which include a fountain and lights show. I was a bit worried that it would feel hot and humid at the open air auditorium if it’s going to be filled by so many people. Thankfully, it’s not. Only a few goers were there for the film showing, the rest of the public remained outside.

The last time I was at the Rizal Park was four years ago, when our class had a field trip for our Rizal course. It’s good to be back there for a couple of hours seeing the developments. I saw a train that resembled Thomas going around the park for those who could not walk around to see everything.

Also, it somehow surprised me how so many people are visiting our Rizal Park. Ang dami talagang tao! It’s a good thing though!

The film showing started around 7PM and we watched this French animation film about the teenager Titeuf who always daydreams about things. The workings of his mind is hilariously simple even when he’s surrounded by the complexity of life. The animation wasn’t really superb and it’s somehow comparable to regular animated cartoons aired on the television but the story was entertaining.

The film showing was made possible by the partnership of the National Parks Development Committee and the Film Development Council of the Philippines.


We enjoyed a night walk around the park and spent some good chats at the nearby cafe. It was a Sunday well spent. 🙂


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