Walking Above the City Lights

Most people tend to think that a whole vacation that lasts for days or even a week is what we need so that we can think about the serious stuff happening in our lives… to get a breath of fresh air, to enjoy a new sight, thinking that all these nice things can wash away our problems, magically solve them like a flip of a wand.

But at the end, no problems are solved, and the heart is still heavy with pounded rocks of unsorted emotions.

It’s quite wonderful when you discover that a few minutes of walking in peace and in silence can give you the clarity you need.

Or at least something closer to that.

2014-03-25 19.56.40

2014-03-25 19.46.59

2014-03-25 19.56.09

2014-03-25 19.57.19

Last night was a good night.


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