An Afternoon with the March Girls

Kindred spirits are rare souls. But I feel so blessed and thankful to God that at this age, I have found quite a few kindred spirits to whom I can confide my inmost soul with (exactly like what Anne Shirley said in Anne of Green Gables).

And two of these kindred souls share their birthday month with me! Just yesterday, we met and had lovely conversations over some drinks. It’s always so refreshing to meet with them after quite some time.


The three of us spent the whole afternoon by ourselves, exploring thoughts and sharing stories over our Jamba Juice made from secret recipes :D.

I love these times when you can just blurt out all those thoughts in your head knowing that there are people listening to you; times when you can just share stories with people with whom you can ask advice about without them judging you and without them laughing at you because they care about what you think; times when you just listen to their woes and stories too because they want to know how you feel or think about something they are concerned about.

Isn’t friendship amazing?

When the sun set, Martin and Yao joined us for dinner. Yes they brought their boyfies! Haha it would be so much better if I also brought mine, but alas! I have none LOL 😀


Times like this make life ten times more beautiful. It would be much better though if the rest of our friends in our little group came along with us 😦


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