Fixing the Fretted Holes

From Anne Blythe nee Shirley‘s thoughts come these words:

“When I ‘count my mercies’ I feel it’s very petty of me to mind these things… even if they do rub a little bloom off life… there were so many little things… so little that I can’t complain of them,” thought Anne. “And yet…it’s the little things that fret the holes in life… like moths… and ruin it.”

It’s not uncommon, in fact it’s quite inevitable, that in each day that God gives us, we encounter events, or people, or tiny little things that irritate or hurt us. It is our choice though, always, how we present ourselves when we meet them all.

© 2005-future by Marzena Skubatz.All rights reserved.

As mortal beings, we are not perfect. Many petty things can hurt us. And although one may not mind them at all as they are petty and insignificant, they can still be stacked one after another, slowly forming a giant sleeping monster waiting to be awakened to cause chaos and havoc.

People may hurt us, and we may retaliate in various ways, hurting others in the process too. And it can go on and on and on until one becomes hurt too much and life becomes askew and too painful to handle.

We do not want that. That’s why we try to make ourselves be a better version of our past selves every day.

It is a bit more depressing though, how some people could not do it.

Maybe they need time. Maybe they were hurt too much. But it’s sad to see how a person is put into a corner where nothing serves as a company except for the looming darkness. And pretentious resilience. This can awfully lead to the much darker indifference.

Indifference. Not caring. I think it’s the death of love. And I think it’s scary. Not just for other people, but for oneself.

We could not let ourselves be swallowed by tiny anger and resentment. It’s ugly. The world is a beautiful place, let’s fill it with beautiful deeds. I myself am struggling with being a kind and a good person all the time, but perhaps it’s safe to say that trying it is fulfilling.


We’re all the same. To the eyes of God we’re the same.

Career. Socio-economic status. Appearance. I think we need not pay too much attention to these things because they can lead us to unnecessary pride and vanity, which can ruin us.

‘When a bad thing happens, it’s not because of me. When a good thing happens, it’s because of me.’ Entitlement. Narcissism. It’s a craving of a weak minded person. Not cool.

I think we should not think so highly of ourselves. Yes you can do so many things and yes you can do them much better than others. But they (the others), too, can do so many things better than you. Let’s respect each other.

Forgiveness. Ask and give.

Some mistakes are done unintentionally, or unconsciously. I think we should be extra sensitive to some people and if they did something bad and they are not aware, let it be known to him or her with politeness. It’s their prerogative after all.

It can be difficult but I think it’s worth trying.

Say thanks.

Showing sincere gratitude is like a door opening to a magical garden. It’s beautiful and we should do it often.


With God’s guidance, we can do these all with ease. God is always there, and He would not let us fall into the pit of darkness when at first we intend goodness. If we do fall a bit, He’ll catch us first and we’ll stand stronger and wiser.



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