Size Doesn’t Matter: Kat’s Cafe

After passing through this cafe for the nth time only to ignore it (every single time), we decided to finally stop by and experience what Kat’s Cafe has to offer its customers. And boy we were given a lovely time over there. It was a Thursday night and we had the whole cafe to ourselves… or at least one side of it 🙂

Kat’s Cafe in BF is a tiny place for coffee, cupcakes and cream puffs. That night, I only bought myself a hot dark mocha drink.


It’s a nice place to get your coffee fix, with cool interiors and quirky little decors. And although tiny, it sure has a good spot for chit chats.

We spent two hours there with the goal of finishing our infograph for work… only to fail miserably. In the end, I had to bring home the work and continue the job at home. Thankfully, we were able to submit it the next day.

That was a fun night though, it made me miss visits to cafes I had never been before. 🙂


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