Those Booms of Beauty in the Sky


Yes they look beautiful in pictures but it’s always better to see fireworks firsthand. Fireworks are lovely as always and that night during the opening of the 5th Pyromusical Competition, I witnessed a wonderful exhibition of lights upon the blackness of the night.

From the silent and friendly comfort of the cafe that evening, my friend and I noticed the flickering lights against the tall reflective buildings across the road. Though the loud booms weren’t hard to ignore, the thought of something amazing that’s making those loud noises possible was somehow bothersome, in a nice way of course. We then decided, it wouldn’t hurt to join the hundreds of people to see the fireworks show.

And so we did. We walked down the side of the road, with the darkness and the sound of the fast cars accompanying us. It was a few minutes before the building walls and the ceiling no longer obscured the view of the night sky. What we witnessed as we continued to walk down, was a lovely display of multicolored lights appearing and disappearing into the blank darkness.

We did not run, we did not walk faster. We walked leisurely with our eyes onward the sky. There was no danger of any car hitting us and I was thankful for that. What I saw up there made me feel like I was being lifted.

We reached a nice spot, along with the crowd, where we stopped and sat and stayed to see the rest of the show. When the first exhibition ended, we filled the remaining minutes with a good chat. My friend and I shared a nice conversation about how some people can be really bad and how it must be comforting for them not to know about the ‘badness’ they have done. It was a huge thing, and a depressing thing. Although I do not share the same sentiments at that moment, it surely felt nice being a friend, and listening is something I can be perfectly okay with.

From that little chat, I couldn’t help but think that sometimes, beautiful things in life can come and go so easily and so painfully quick like the fireworks. Such a thing would be perhaps a moment worth remembering in a lifetime if only it ended well.

And why do bad things keep happening to good people?

When the second exhibition started, I prepared myself. When the music played, and when the first ball of light soared into the sky, my eyes were all wide, and my heart was very much ready.

There were so many kinds of those beautiful lights. Green, pink, red, yellow, blue, lots of it. And all of them were amazing. There were those which looked like flowers, some looked like symbols, some were gone after a breathtaking second, but some stayed for a while and they were even more lovelier. The lights were dancing there and it felt like a dream.

The sky was so fantastic then.



2 thoughts on “Those Booms of Beauty in the Sky

    • Hahaha! hay, pero I forgot to mention, it can be a matter of perspective din after all 😀 good things happen if we know how to look at it ;P Kaya sindihan na siya at gawin na lang fireworks haha XD


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