A Quite Interesting Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day isn’t one of the most anticipated days of the year for me, heck I’m single that’s why haha! But I try my best not to be affected because it’s so uncool if I do. However, this year’s Valentine’s day was more eventful for me compared to the boring V-day I had last year.

I don’t have a valentine though (ugh I wish I have but no, nada T.T). I still haven’t met him yet and it’s a little depressing when I think about it… but then it’s not actually something to get sad about because life is so beautiful haha!

Well anyway, I had a surprise valentine gift from work though. It’s a cute little stuffed bear from someone I haven’t talked to or even met (officially) at work. It was supposed to be an anonymous gift since there was no name on the letter along with the gift but my work buddy and my boss eventually found out who left the gift for me.

2014-02-16 09.53.39

It was a guy from a different department. I know that guy they were referring to and I remember  there were quite a few times when I saw him walking the hallway near our unit.

I sent him a ‘Thank you’ message for the gift. It was nice to receive a gift this V-day. 🙂

It was quite annoying though, how so many people were asking me about who’s gonna be my date after work. :S Instead of answering them ‘Nah, I don’t have a date‘ I only replied to them all the mysterious ‘Secret!’ Haha!

Maybe being unaffected that day was something I was excellent at failing after all 😀

However… I had a date that Friday night though! Guess who? My ever constant company of course, Marla haha! Both of us have no special someone at the present so we decided to have fun by ourselves 😀


We headed to the cinema for a movie and guess what we watched?

Ahaha! The movie was entertaining enough but not that outstanding for me. It’s an attempt for something different, I guess (with the twist and the different ending and all that), but the overall presentation is pretty much the same, typical Filipino chick flick with all those one liners and metaphors.

But then again, it is entertaining and Toni Gonzaga is cute here (though I don’t really understand the character she’s playing :S). There were so many times when Toni’s character Ginny do these really funny antics but I wasn’t laughing, and in my head I was only thinking ‘Should I be laughing at this? Is she supposed to be funny in here? Because she’s doing stupid things and I don’t think it’s funny’

Well, anyway, in the end it seemed to be a part of the movie’s lesson. The ending is satisfying and I can say I enjoyed it.

And that was it for my Valentine’s day. I wish next year would be far more interesting than this but well, only God knows. 😀



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