Stuck Like a Handprint on my Heart: Wicked, A Musical

It was definitely a dream came true.

I fell in love with the dream of watching this musical when I first heard the song ‘For Good.’ And last Tuesday, a dear old friend made this dream come into realization.

It’s always a beautiful thing how something from the outside gloriously drowns you inwardly beneath a strong and wonderful set of emotions. This is what Wicked did to me.

The musical was absolutely amazing. I never experienced watching such a show before, ever. The stage was gorgeous, the lighting was genius, the music was so grand, and the actors/singers were superb. And everyone’s favorite scenes (Defying Gravity, For Good scenes) have the right to be fan favorites. I knew those scenes were going to be amazing like what everyone has said but at those moments when I was actually watching those scenes play out, I found myself completely overwhelmed, tenfold. When Elphaba rose up in Defying Gravity, I think I just died.

It was glorious. Goosebumps were all over me. Haha talk about quality entertainment! Oh well, it’s a broadway musical for crying out loud. 🙂

The story, of course, is worth being turned into a musical. It’s about the friendship between two witches in the land of Oz, one is known as the good witch while the other is known to be the bad one. We know them as Glinda the Good and the Wicked Witch of the West from the popular story by Frank Baum called the Wizard of Oz. In Wicked though, they’re introduced simply as the young students Galinda and Elphaba.

Galinda and Elphaba’s relationship is absolutely beautiful. Elphaba’s story, just like how she refers to herself, is beautifully tragic. While Galinda had always been beautiful, popular, and loved by many, Elphaba was born in disgrace, unloved by her father, feared by many, and eternally colored in green.  Although the society didn’t like her, Elphaba grew up to be a strong, independent, and smart lady. And I tell you, she’s very sassy too and I totally loved her character. Although Galinda started out a bit b*tchy, she is naturally a good person and that made her become closer to Elphaba. Galinda is hilarious and adorable. I like her character too.

Despite being treated by other people differently, and despite being branded as the good one and the wicked one, the two had become very dear friends. They cherished each other truly and I loved that fact so much. Although their paths differed, they understood each other and they supported each other.  Even love or admiration from a man had not spoiled that treasure of friendship the two share. They know what friendship is by its true meaning.

And I had never been a fan of the wizard ever. I don’t like him. I understand the point he has for his actions but I also understand that it’s a bad point. Ugh I hate him and his crime partner. Poor Elphaba.

Like we all know, Dorothy ‘killed’ the wicked witch and I seriously cried at that moment. But more at the moment after, when Glinda finally found what happened to her dear friend. Poor Glinda. Seriously, that mere sound of Glinda’s crying voice! Ugh, I can’t even…

Thankfully, it was still a happy ending.

Praises for all the wonderful actors/singers and the manager of the whole production. Jemma Rix and Suzie Mathers were both fantastic as Elphaba and Galinda/Glinda.

That night at the theater was definitely unforgettable for me. And I owe it to my dear, good old friend. That was seriously amazing.


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