The Immaculate Beach of Buruanga

When it comes to Philippine beaches, Boracay is not the only spectacular one out there. Beautiful beaches surround the country and it’s comforting to know that many of them stay pristine. Buruanga in Aklan is one of them. And I am quite proud of having been able to reach the quiet land of Buruanga.


We woke up very early because we’ll be doing this a daytrip. It’s practically our last day in Aklan and this is how we chose to end our vacation, a roadtrip to the beach of Buruanga!

2014-01-23 06.35.48
My early-morning-just-woke-up face!

At 6 am we were already on our way to Malay, Aklan. The roadtrip was totally relaxing. Like all roadtrips, bus rides, car rides, etc, I enjoyed this one very much. One of the best things that I love about traveling is the ride itself, there’s the constant change of scene that you view on your window and its always refreshing to the eyes. And to the imagination. It makes you think and imagine varied things about anything. Even when I’m riding the jeepney to work, I always feel relaxed. And that is why there’s always a little heartache whenever I reach destinations, because the ride would stop.

Initially, we planned to commute our way to Buruanga. But since there were plenty of us in this trip (there were 10 of us), we hired a van. The total ride was about 3 hours.


We got off the road when we arrived at Marie’s friend’s house. We’re still far from where we’re supposed to be. After arriving at the town, we had to either ride a boat or go hiking for more than an hour to arrive at the beach. We chose the first one. The family of Marie’s friend owns a resort there in the beach as well as a boat to get us there.

And the boat ride, once again, brought some fuzzy lovely feeling in my chest. I sat at the front seat with Marie!


It was an awesome ride indeed. The waves of the sea were against us but the boatman led us through the water smoothly. Not all the time though because we got to meet the high waves for a few times and the seawater showered onto us, but it was incredible. It was like Enchanted Kingdom’s Anchors Away ride where your heart seemed to fall first from your body. Really, the boatride was fantastic. However, I have to say though, the boat rides in Zambales (to Anawangin, Nagsasa and Capones) were pretty much more adventurous.

We could not go straight to Buruanga’s white beach because the waves were pretty strong there for the boat. We had to land to the seashore from the other side. That particular shore wasn’t conducive to swimming because the sea urchins are scattered everywhere beneath the waters. Seriously, there were plenty of them. And guess what, the boat could not come near the dry land because the water was too shallow! So what happened is that we got off the boat midwater and we walked our way towards the surface… with the sea urchins everywhere! Haha! Talk about adventure!


Lolo Willie and Lola Julie were the only ones who stayed on the boat while we hopped and skipped on the waters. It’s quite dangerous for them.

It might had been the most unpleasant event of my travel if not for the awesome company I’ve got. It was so difficult walking our way towards the land not because it was so hard to skip from stone to stone to avoid the urchins but because Tito Jingboy and Din-Din were making us laugh and it’s not making walking in the water easier. Haha! Seriously, they were so funny. Swimming with the sea urchins daw hay nakoooo. Grabe laughtrip! But no, nothing really was to blame there. It was an adventure story in the making and that was an epic goal in this trip. I guess we hit the goal right at the center!

Four of us got punctured though but the worst that got it was none other than moi! Haha. 18 punctures! Sabi nga ni Din-Din, ‘adventurous na lampa’ and I couldn’t agree more on that. Haha, sakto 😀

Anyway, sea urchin punctures were not of medical emergency but they did hurt. Only for sometime though. It did not cause much trouble for me. I mean, how could I let myself be bothered by little punctures when the wonder and beauty of what I was about to see was just a few more minutes ahead of me. I was more preoccupied by the excitement of going somewhere I had never been before than the little constellation on my feet. ;P

Eventually, we reached the dry land!

the land! we made it 🙂

We still had to go hiking for a few minutes before we get to the beach. The trek was awesome. That was one little daring experience for Lolo Willie and Lola Julie! Good thing both of them are still really strong despite the age. Allon-sy Lolo!


After 15 minutes of trekking though the woods, we finally arrived! And Buruanga… is truly immaculate. We were practically the only people there! Except for the caretakers of the private houses and resorts in there 🙂









And for the whole day, we played, swam (a little), shot pictures, and enjoyed the whole of the beach by ourselves. There’s no mobile connection in the area and it’s definitely perfect for those who desire the beauty of the waters, the nature, and silence.






photo credits: Joeffrey Isagan, Geraldine Rufin, Meliza Gonzales-Isagan


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