A Reunion with the Remedioses

On my fourth day in Aklan, I (with my cousins and papa) headed to Dumaguit in New Washington to visit Marie, Auntie Adang, and Tsong Nilo. And it was one of the most heartwarming visits I’ve ever did.

2014-01-22 13.06.08

Marie and her family used to live in Manila with us when I was younger. Marie and I (with our dear friend Camille), weren’t just friends but actually classmates too since Prep. It was during our third grade in elementary when their whole family moved to the province for good. But the time before that, was the childhood I will forever treasure. I had never denied how awesome my childhood is. I’m actually quite proud of it, being surrounded with plenty of other children who are also part of the family.

Living in a neighborhood with the members of the extended family just a few seconds away is the foundation of my beautiful childhood.

And for many years since they left, Marie lived apart from us, Din-Din, Let-Let, and I. But for this whole week, we got to once again share awesome moments together. On this day, we decided to visit Marie and her family in their home in Dumaguit.

And look what they prepared for us!

2014-01-22 11.20.32

It was an instant lovely reunion. For the whole lunchtime, we had an amazing chat. We reminisced about the times back then and nothing can be as heartwarming as remembering all those crazy times when we were children. Auntie Adang was the queen! Oh how awesome were all her stories! There were revelations, and confessions, and everything was all very funny! And since Papa was there, he also shared a few interesting stories. But nothing can beat Auntie Adang’s. She so eloquently told us about the good and the bad things that happened before and she always ended every retelling of memories with pleasant reflections about love, family, and relationships.

“Iba talaga, kapag may itinanim ka dito sa puso. May aanihin ka. At lagi yang nandiyan sa iyo. Walang ibang makakakuha niyan sa yo.”

Indeed. What we all shared there was priceless. Including the food ;P

We browsed some old pictures and it was lovely seeing ourselves in our crazy poses as children. And we also had some snacks!

2014-01-22 13.59.38

Marie told us that they have pet turtles. It made my eyes grow wide, I love turtles. The thing about them being ancient and old make them very charming for me. Marie showed us her pets just outside the house.

2014-01-22 14.13.34

The turtles appeared gray and they were dry, but that’s normal. Marie said that when it’s raining, that concrete ‘pond’ will be filled with water and that’s when the turtles would swim.

We left the house early afternoon because we had to visit another place in New Washington and we also had to come back home early in Kalibo for dinner to celebrate Lolo Willie’s birthday.

2014-01-22 14.17.08
Us 🙂

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