By the Blue Church


When we were done saying hi’s and hello’s to relatives in Madalag, I thought it was already time to leave. But then we passed by the simple and pretty blue church of the town to visit one more person, Father Charles.

While we walked, I took some pictures. Thankfully, the weather was agreeable during this pleasant trip. At the back of the church is where the convent is located. That’s the place where Father Charles stays while he’s in Madalag as the town priest.

2014-01-21 14.59.10

2014-01-21 14.58.59

2014-01-21 15.01.12

2014-01-21 15.00.41

Just for the record, I saw so many beetles while in the province. It’s quite a nice surprise finding another one in Madalag. And it’s red!

2014-01-21 15.01.26

2014-01-21 15.01.57

When we finally reached the doorstep, Father wasn’t there to greet us. It was a surprise visit and he had no idea we were coming. The caretaker was the one who led us to the sala. Father, after a while, appeared coming out from the bedroom. Poor thing, we woke him up from his siesta! 

Father Charles was the one who led the mass during the wedding which took place the day before this. And I tell you, that wedding was a loooong religious celebration. Haha, sabi ni Father, sinasadya daw niya yun hehe. He, with his dogs Bruno and Pinoy, then warmly welcomed us with a tray of peanuts and sodas. We all chatted for quite sometime and it was then that I learned that we are actually in some way related! Nag-joke pa si Father na dati raw nagnanakaw si papa ng ostia sa simbahan nung bata.

The chatting went on and on and it felt so pleasant. What made everything all the more lovely is Bruno, Father’s dog. He’s a large black Labrador and seeing him standing, sitting, and walking beside Father almost all the time is something I found very interesting. Father told us that Bruno’s a little sensitive and overprotective of his master and when I observed how true that is, I became even more interested. It suddenly came upon me how I adored large dogs before and even wished to own one someday. It was the book by Jack London entitled The Call of the Wild that had made me wished for a large dog to call my pet. But then times changed and I shifted my interests from large dogs to slim, foxy black cats. However, at that time of our visit, Bruno made me reconsider my dog-or-cat choice. It must be so wonderful to have a large pet dog to call your own, to play with you and to be with you most times of the day.

Makukulit din ang mga kasama ko, grabe. I remembered tearing up laughing when Din-Din cracked that joke about Bruno transforming into Bruno Mars and then Yeats started to sing Oh yeah yeah! Grabe it was all very funny 😀 Hay grabe. Wagas. Nagsimula yun nung tinawag ko si Bruno by name and he only replied with a surprising growl! Sensitive nga! Haha. But you know what, when Father whispered to Bruno“Kaibigan yan, kaibigan yan”referring to me, Bruno went towards me and smelled my legs, starting to become more friendlier…

Father Charles and Bruno’s relationship is something that really amazes me, even until now.

After our little chitchats, Father led us to the inside of the church, entering from the side door. And this is what greeted us.

2014-01-21 15.40.23

The altar looks very pretty, made of stones in their natural colors. Such stones can be easily found in the Aklan river.

Father told us that during the typhoon, the animals took shelter inside the church, the cats, dogs, chickens, birds, etc.

Different religious sculptures can be seen inside, including that of San Juan Diego, the witness of Our Lady of Guadalupe‘s apparitions.

We exited the church through the main door and what greeted us was the magnificent view of the whole town proper of Madalag. Since the Church was elevated, located on top of a hill, we can see practically everything from up there. It was a truly amazing feeling when we walked out that door and  just see everything. It’s somehow saddening though, how the trees weren’t exactly aesthetically perfect because they were damaged by the typhoon last November. Nevertheless, the feeling upon beholding that sight is awesome.

Then, there’s Bruno… 🙂

2014-01-21 15.54.58

Upon leaving, Father Charles waved back at us, with Bruno at his side, of course. 🙂

2014-01-21 15.57.08


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