Charmed by the Humble Town of Madalag

2014-01-21 14.56.192

The charm of Madalag has struck me the first time I laid my feet on its ground. I first visited the town over a year ago and we chose to walk the trail to the town, which was a lovely trek, instead of riding a motorcycle. This time, I, together with a few companions (father, uncle, aunt, and cousins), rode the bus from Kalibo and then hopped on motorcycles to take us to this charming and humble town.

We went straight to Tigbawan in Madalag, my Mommy Baby’s hometown. There were three of us back-riding the motorcycle. It was a bumpy ride and albeit it’s not the most comfortable ride ever, I did have fun during the ride. It was quite sad though, how the aftermath of Yolanda can still be seen from everywhere as we passed by different houses, farms, and other properties.

Once we arrived at my Mommy Baby’s sister’s house, we had a snack and we took a rest for a while. After a few minutes, we started our trek towards the dam and the school.

Passing by the church, this is what greeted us 😦

tigbawan church

The roof was blown away by Yolanda’s wrathful winds 2 months ago. The church is still on its way towards restoration but it’s good to know that there are already a few supplies to continue on with the building and carpentry. Yes it may be awfully damaged but this is already a very lucky situation considering the amount of damage Yolanda brought to other provinces. Even the town people themselves are aware of how lucky they were that not so much of their properties were damaged.

We continued our trek down and uphill, with the sight of a mini-dam on the river that can be seen from the church.

madalag trekking

The 10 minute walk was relaxing. It’s nice to see a new place, meet people (most of whom are in some complicated way related to you), and have a short and nice conversations. The primary school is a nice and humble place too. When we got there at lunch time, a few children were playing outside. I even got to chat with this boy Kean who, for a nice fleeting moment, had made me think how beautiful childhood friendships are.


We spent a few minutes at the hilltop where the school stands and wandered about the surrounding corners, the playground, the garden, the mini-dam, etc. It was indeed a pleasant walk.

Afterwards, we rode the motorcycles once again to visit some relatives, and eventually, we walked our way to the town center, where the vast beautiful park and the church on top of a hill which I adored the first time I visited Madalag, are located. We gave a surprise visit to Father Charles, but that’s another story.

Going home, we rode the motorcycles back to the bridge. And then guess what, we sat on top of the provincial bus going back to Kalibo! It was an exhilarating ride and it made the day all the more amazing and memorable.

bus ride

The strong wind against us was somehow calming and the sight of everything from the top of the moving bus was quite lovely. My companions and I, who were all crazy bonkers that time (except of course for papa who also rode at the top of the bus with us) kept on calling out names of our relatives that we saw on the road. Din-Din was even saying Hi’s and Hello’s to random strangers. It was so fun and I’m so glad my companions joined me positively on this crazy idea of mine.


7 thoughts on “Charmed by the Humble Town of Madalag

  1. Hello Steph! I have to say I love your blogs about my home province Aklan. lalo na to, I spent a year here kasi dito ako nag first grade. so much memory in this place. their park was my most favorite place in the world then. the one just below the church 🙂


    • Hi! Aw thanks I’m glad you like the post! Can I just say your town is so lovely? Ang ganda, and yes especially your park! You know, when we left the church through the main door… parang.. wow! The view! It’s as if sa yo ang lahat nang nakikita mo! Amazing. At ang ganda talaga ng park, meron pang mga statues ni Snow White and 7 dwarves, pati ni Neptune 😀 It’s a very nice place for the kids of the town 🙂 My father grew up in Madalag so he took us there to visit a few relatives 🙂


      • oh? so the snow white and 7 dwarves are still there?! yung giant shoe andun pa ba? wow! it’s been more than 2 decades na. IKR nasa taas kasi yung church, it’s a perfect example of a Spanish Pueblo, lahat magkakalapit, school church, munisipyo. ideal environment for kids talaga 🙂


      • uo andun pa sila! yung shoe house nakita ko last 2012 pero hindi ko na siya napansin nitong recent kong visit. It’s a really nice and quiet place, you are blessed to have lived there 🙂


      • oo nga eh, such a shame one year lang pero maybe that’s why it’s even more magical for me, plus sa mata ng bata pa 😉


  2. Hi! I was born in Tigbawan but was brought up in Manila since I was 5 years old. In my 43 years, I only visited the barrio twice. With the the addition of unpaved roads, the place really remained unchanged. When I visited the very place where I was born, I can still recall where our home is located. The small water falls, the trail. I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! My mind is set that I will settle in this wonderful place. Thanks a lot for blogging about Tigbawan!

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