The Blue Wedding: Gonzales-Isagan Nuptial

The morning of that Monday, I woke up drinking in the refreshing air of the town. I took my coffee outside and enjoyed it with the morning sun and the calming wind.

This immense gladness made me take a selfie and here’s how I looked like that Monday morning:

2014-01-20 08.55.56small
and so much for that bed hair :S

Of course I didn’t look like that the entire day because later in the afternoon, I’d be putting on make-up and then I’d be dressing up with a nice gown for none other than my Tito Jingboy’s wedding!

The reason we all went to the province is because of the wedding. I finally got to meet Ate Meliza and the two of them look so great together. Time really flies so fast, doesn’t it? Just a few years ago Tito Jingboy was watching Dragon Ball Z with us kids and now he’s marrying! And this wedding is definitely one of the merriest events that all us in the extended family had celebrated.

The Weding

Hmm, I wonder who’s next? 😀


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