The Year that Was: 2013’s Eargasm


2013 had been quite polite to me, I had my share of fun and laughter and I also tripped upon troubles and worries. At the end of the day, I retired each night with good music on my ears.

I’m sharing with you the bands and artists I considered to be the music makers of my 2013 (not in any order):

1. Birdy

2. Up Dharma Down

3. The XX

4. The National

5. Cider Sky

6. Jesus Culture/Chris Quilala

 7. Bastille

8. Cary Brothers

9. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

10. Kopecky Family Band

11. The Lumineers

12. The Honey Trees

13. Paper Kites

14. Of Monsters and Men

15. The Oh Hellos

16. Cold War Kids

And there you go my dear. Most of the bands are indie but I find their songs really great. The songs are not newly released either but they’re still awesome for me.

God bless these artists and their talents. I hope to find more awesome bands this year 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Year that Was: 2013’s Eargasm

    • Thanks Ro! If you enjoy country music, you’ll like some of the bands.
      And UDD!!! Always a favorite, Armi’s voice is haunting! In a good way of course, I always wanted to hear them live but I still haven’t got the chance to. I hope someday T.T
      The XX had a concert here last year but I still wasn’t aware of their good music that time. I hope they come back this year 😦


      • Oo nga ehhh! ang cool pa ng music nila, I started to appreciate how cool the sounds a bass guitar can make because of them. Sana they’ll make more this year 😀


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