What I Learned from my 2013

2013 blog post

2013 had been a good year to me, although not as awesome as my previous years. There were challenges, disappointments, happiness, surprises, discoveries and I’m trying all my best to use all of them to become the person I want to be (and I guess I’m speaking for all of us).

There were plenty of lessons I learned from each stressful day, each heartache, each joyful moment of the year and this post is my way of sharing them to the world. They are not really new lessons to me. Many of them are lessons I already heard from someone else’s advice, and most of them are actually values and principles that are generally known by many. However, its just this year when I find myself realizing their true meanings more often than ever.

This year, I learned that:

1. The world is a terrible place.

2. But it’s a beautiful place too.

3. The way you see the world reflects your character.

4. But sometimes, it’s just your mood for the day.

5. Having self-control is a very important value.

6. Patience too.

7. Oftentimes in life, you just have to do what you got to do. Even if you hurt people. You can’t please everyone.

8. But you have to be responsible for your actions.

9. Thinking low of yourself will only take you nowhere.

10. Confidence, on the other hand, can take you places.

11. Confidence helps you from feeling awfully embarrassed and depressed, which I realized, can be a waste of energy.

12. It’s really difficult to be around people you cannot connect to.

13. Reading a verse from Proverbs everyday can help you deal with your everyday problems.

14. Deep sighing can be really helpful in releasing heavy feelings.

15. But a deep sigh is only temporary. You have to start to act.

16. Bullies are everywhere. Just ignore what they say and you should be fine. “A prudent man overlooks insults.”

17. Gossip is so very ugly. Hearing a person bad-mouthing another is definitely one of the ugliest things that can come out from the mouth. Even worse than vomit.

18. Self-pity is never an act of kindness. It’s selfishness. The world doesn’t revolve around you.

19. In order to understand a lot of things, you have to start caring. Apathy can lead you to darkness.

20. But then you also have to choose what you should care about. Useless obsession can lead you to waste a great deal of time and energy.

21. It’s distressing and really irritating how people can be hypocrites.

22. And it’s more distressing when you realize that you, yourself, is a hypocrite too.

23. The road towards prudence can be really difficult. But with practice, I think we all can make it.

24. It’s a true test of patience when you’re with sensitive yet good people who can be really irritating.

25. Emotions can hinder appropriate actions. Ugh, sometimes ‘feelings’ can be annoying. But they are important.

26. …because you have to be sensitive about the needs and feelings of others. Not all people need the same things you need.

27. It can be really unpleasant when people laugh at the things you love. It’s lighter to the chest when you show them you’re also laughing at yourself. Self-deprecating humor is a truly useful social value.

28. Some people don’t have tact. Readily forgive when they said something they don’t mean.

29. Jealousy is really ugly.

30. Embrace who you are. When you think you suck at one thing, accept it. If you need to improve on it, try your best. If you think you’re better without it, don’t waste time feeling depressed about it. Just let it go and do something else you think is more important.


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