Juan Lemuel at 1!

Yesterday was my nephew Bilog’s first birthday! That cute little thing is now one year old! And also, it’s another day for me to bond with my cousins again.

2013-12-21 09.42.292
the ceiling of Temple Tree

2013-12-21 11.19.322
Mickey and Minnie Mouse greet the guests
2013-12-21 09.45.392
The birthday boy Juan Lemuel
2013-12-21 10.44.002
the buffet bar
2013-12-21 10.43.212
a welcome treat for kids
2013-12-21 10.45.48y
yours truly with the legendary Mang Tasio! I saw him last when I was only 11 years old in my elementary school 🙂 He’s already 70 years old but still kicking!
face paint
a face paint booth! 🙂
2013-12-21 10.42.522
there was a photobooth too 🙂
2013-12-21 10.43.48
‘Paagawan’ is a traditional Filipino game for a kid’s party. Never gets old 🙂

2013-12-21 10.43.00


There were games for the kids as well as for their mothers, which were very entertaining. The magician was much more entertaining though. Grimace mascot and Mickey Mouse mascot were there in the party. It was really a fun party treat for the birthday boy and his kid guests.

Afterwards, mommy, my brother and I went to the bazaar in World Trade Center for some Christmas shopping. It took us hours after hours of going around the shops in the bazaar and my feet hurt! 

It was a totally exhausting day but it sure was fun. 🙂


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