Where my salary had gone off to: World Bazaar Festival

I  enjoyed today’s visit to the World Trade Center where the World Bazaar Festival is being held. It was overwhelming how the whole hall is filled with numerous shops selling clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and other items at super low prices. I got to buy quite a number of presents for my family and friends for Christmas.

world bazaar

I was with Marla and we browsed through so much stuff inside. With an entrance fee of Php50, it was a really great place to shop for Christmas. There were plenty of unique and pretty items, and most of them are for very low prices (most of the items cost not more than Php300 each). There was also a room filled with food stalls and they were a relief when the two of us got hungry for all the walking, the browsing and shopping that we did.

It was actually my first time going to a Christmas bazaar, ever. I do not normally find shopping in bazaars, expos, malls very interesting before. Those places seem to me like toxic domes where clouds of materialism and worldliness loom over people for long hours and that doesn’t appeal to me that much. In fact that thought pulls me away from even having an idea of attending an event like this. Only this time, the bazaar seem to be attractive because I really needed to buy things. Haha. Yeah, well… I guess the “need” factor plays a great part in making things done. And also, I’ve been paying attention to much of social media these days and they also play a part in the appeal of bazaars and such. I was even planning to go with Marla to Cubao X and Escolta market to shop haha whut.

Anyway, although I did enjoy my shopping experience there, the materialistic air still lingers over the whole area with lots of items on sale (most are unnecessary yet attractive and fun items actually). The temptation to spend more than how much you intend is all over the place! Beware, my friend.

The World Bazaar Festival will end on December 22, 2013.


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